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    Onyx ProductionHouse X10.2 and PosterShop X10.2 Has Been Released

    • 2 min read

    Onyx ProductionHouse X10.2

    The Onyx ProductionHouse X10.2 is Onyx's premiere RIP (Raster Image Processor) software. Seamlessly create custom color media profiles and use a combination of inks and output devices such as grand-format, large-format and flatbed printers, as well as cutters.

    ProductionHouse X10.2 Promotion

    For a limited time when you purchase an Onyx ProductionHouse X10.2 you will receive a free i1 Basic Pro Spectrophotmeter. The i1Basic Pro is a professional spectral color measurement solution that's easy to use, and includes everything you need to create professional, custom profiles for your monitors. It also includes PANTONE Color Manager for managing digital color libraries and color picking.

    Promotion expires April 30th.

    ONYX ProductionHouse X10.2

    Onyx PosterShop X10.2

    The Onyx PosterShop X10.2 offers support for all your production printers allowing a singular and uniform approach to controlling color printing. Onyx PosterShop includes 2 wide format (up to 60in) print drivers out of the box, with the option to add extra printer licenses. Simplify printing in your shop with one RIP for all of your printers and get back to production!

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    WHAT’S NEW IN X10 BUILD 10.2

    1. Color Technologies

    New GCR Plus addition to ONYX’s PowerChroma™ Black Generation technology

    • Maintains Smoothness in Highlights while saving ink in shadow areas
    • Using ONYX’s PowerChroma™ technology users can save up to 30% in Ink use.

    “Vivid Color” gamut mapping

    • New option to build profiles with brighter tone mapping (more colorful) especially with mid to low gamut ink and media combinations

    Other Enhancements

    • Improved Balance CMY Gray
    • Improvements to CMYKOG and CMYKRGB separations (will effect new halftone modes for printers with these ink configurations.
    2. Better Spot Color Control

    Ability to replace name spot colors with device user defined ink combinations

    • Take full advantage of new printers with specialty ink and deliver unique and high impact images to clients
    • Automate User defined replacement with Color Filters and Quick Set for increase production efficiency
    • Will work with automated spot color replacement

    Easily identify all named spot colors in a file

    3. Better Multi-Page PDF file handling

    Submitting Multi-Page PDF files

    • Increase production times by processing multiple pages at one time (Requires more than one RIP License)
    • Streamline prepress to production handoff by honoring individual page sizes in PDF documents
    4. “Reduce Size to Fit” workflow option added to ONYX Quick Sets

    Reduce manual intervention by setting workflows to automatically reduce size to fit media


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