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    Curve3 and Caldera v9.1

    • 2 min read
    • In the beginning of May we notified customers of the long anticipated release of Chromix Curve3 was indeed now available.
      Shortly after some of the customers who upgraded to Curve3 reported issues importing the CGAT file exported from Curve3. Specifically we noticed these calls from Caldera VisualRIP+ and Caldera GrandRIP+ v9 customers.

      We looked into the issue and noticed a small change in one field. Editing this singular data field allows the CGAT file to again be imported into Caldera v9 RIP.

      QUICK FIX:

      1. Open the exported Curve3 data file in spreadsheet editor, using tab separated eliminator. You can also use a text editor as long as the formatting is retained and not changed to .rtf
      2. Find the data field "SAMPLE_NAME" and update to "SAMPLENAME"
      3. Save data file again using tab delimited export from the spreadsheet editor
      4. You can now import in Caldera v9.1.x Build 130424 or earlier

      Caldera GrandRIP+ v9.1


      This week Caldera released an update to address this small incompatibility. There has been numerousCaldera v9.1 RIP updates this year. Be proactive and backup your system before updating and applying Caldera patches.


      • If you are using Caldera v9.1x with Curve2 -- compatible, no update required, still supported in build 130607 or later
      • If you are using Caldera v9.1x with Curve3 -- should upgrade to build 130607 or later which supports updated Curve3 formatting. Download update from Caldera User area from
    • RPimaging, INC Becomes Authorized Reseller for Caldera RIPs

      RPimaging, INC has completed certification training for the french RIP company Caldera. Caldera RIP is an industrial RIP targeted for the grand format and wide format printing market. Caldera RIP is a UNIX based RIP application that runs on either Mac (with X11) or PC by installing Linux. A complete Linux operating system is included with the purchase of the RIP.

      Some key features of the Caldera RIP are extreme processing by leveraging UNIX backbone, simple graphical interface, simplified color calibration of media, scaleable for large shops with multiple printing devices and cutters.

      RPimaging, INC provides onsite setup and color calibration of all imaging devices. We also uniquely offer G7 calibration instruction for the Caldera RIP not available elsewhere.

      Contact us for further information on Caldera RIP training


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