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  • Spectrum 2006 - Scottsdale, AZ

    Come hear Dan Reid talk about the recently released G7 press calibration process at Spectrum 2006 Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.
    The session, Today's NEW Color-Management Building Blocks, will delve into emerging standards based on current printing practices and their impact for print buyers.
    Learn about GRACoL 7 and the G7 method

  • Live Chat - Free Online Sales Help

    RPimaging has recently integrated Live Chat capability to provide immediate answers to sales questions while browsing our products.
    To intiate a chat session, simply click the Online icon from any product page in our store.
    Live Chat does not require any additional software or cost anything!

  • RPimaging in the News!

    Founder Dan Reid is quoted several times in the June 2006 issue of Digital Output Magazine.

    The article The Color of Money: Tackling the Ins and Outs of Color Management by Thomas Franklin is well written and researched on the challenges of using color management.

  • GRACoL 7 and G7 Process Implementation

    GRACoL 7 builds upon traditional density metrics to match visual contrast by also including spectrophotometeric measurements to refine print neutrality. We help you quickly integrate GRACoL 7 or the G7 process at your business in a matter of days. Our training method isn't a radical departure from your traditional density measurements; your press operators will easily incorporate the new G7 calibration techniques.
    Learn how G7 can impact your business.

  • New Articles and Presentation Added!

    We have been busy updating and restructuring our popular Articles and Presentations section.

    • Print 05: Hexachrome presentation
    • Flexographic Technical Association: Proofing: The Future and Road to Get There
    • GATF Color Management Conference: Color Science 101, Calibration and Profiling Monitors
    • Digital Output Magazine: Hexachrome Print Process
    • American Printer Magazine: 6 Colors Hit the Spot

    As always, all of our articles and presentations are available free.

  • 6 Colors Hit the Spot

    An article discussing the advantages of Hexachrome for print providers.

    Read More (PDF) | Originally Published October 2005 in American Printer

  • Hexachrome Print Process

    Primary Considerations for Implementing Hexachrome Printing, and A Look at Hexachrome Proofing Options.

    Read More (PDF) | Originally Published August 2005 in Digital Output

  • New Articles Added!

    Dan has been busy this year writing for many trade publications.

    Recently added articles include monitor profiling review for Great Output magazine and X-Rite Pulse and GretagMacbeth Eye One review for Professional Photographer magazine.

    Look for Dan's articles on Hexachrome in Digital Output magazine's August and October issues. Visit our articles section to view the complete list articles by Dan Reid.

  • Print '05 in Chicago, IL

    Print '05 promises to be the big show this year. Dan will be in the Color Management Group (Booth #8633) most days fielding questions about color management and proofing. Contact us to arrange a personal meeting with Dan to discuss how we can assist in meeting your color matching goals.
    Dan will also be providing short presenations about expanded gamut printing and Hexachrome in GretagMacbeth's (Booth #6319) Mon - Wed., 10:30am. Pickup a copy of his latest article on Hexachrome proofing from Digital Output magazine at the Color Management Group and GretagMacbeth booths.

  • A Closer Look at Monitors, Calibration, and Profiling

    Key differences between ColorVision Spyder 2, GretagMacbeth Eye-One, Monaco Optix XR, and ColorEyes Display.

    Read More (PDF) | Originally Published May 2005 in Great Output

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