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  • New version of Switch 10 announced

    Enfocus is all about automating with confidence.

    Switch gives publishing professionals more time to focus on creative and value-adding tasks, without hassle of repetitive tasks.

    What's new in Switch 10?

    To automate with confidence, Switch includes:

    • A new workload visualizer to continually track whether network loads, file volumes and other critical performance parameters remain within workable limits.
    • Updated Switch engine guarantees optimized processing.

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    Switch Enhanced security

    • Support for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
    • Business continuity through a SwitchProxy module

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    Time and money saving features

    Integration is made easier through a specific Database Connector Module*.

    Automatically use relevant information from other business software such as MIS and ERP systems when integrating.

    * available from Switch 10, update 1

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    Improved customer service

    • Customers enjoy an easy and customized interface when submitting files.
    • Enhancements to SwitchClient

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    Switch 10 will be released in Q2 2011.

    For information on pricing contact your preferred reseller or have a look at

    Start automating today and download a free trial.

  • AzPPA March Education Program - Predictable Color from Your Print Service Provider

    Frustrated by a different color representation on screen to prints from your print provider? Confused which Adobe Photoshop color setting to use or if you should send CMYK files?

    Dan Reid, president of RPimaging, is a teacher, color management consultant, writer, and artist. His company helps individuals and companies with color matching challenges in photography, printing, and proofing markets. Mr. Reid keeps on the forefront by serving as a beta test site, contributing editor for several trade publications, and on-site instruction for companies nationally.

    In a short 2 hours on March 7 you will leave confident setting up Adobe Photoshop color settings for communicating with print service providers and monitor calibration methods and options to implement the following day in your business. Noted color expert Dan Reid of RPimaging will guide you through the river of options that impact predicting color from print providers. Dan will go over sending RGB or CMYK files, ICC color space choices, and soft proofing in Adobe Photoshop. An in-depth discussion of monitor calibration; it's importance, limitations, options, and leading technologies makes this an information packed event you will not want to miss.

    Please see the AzPPA Website for more info on this exciting event!

  • Alwan Color Expertise and Digital Information's New Closed-Loop Solution to Offer Guaranteed and Fully Automated Conformance to ISO 12647 and G7®

    Guaranteed and fully automated ISO 12647-2 and G7® conformance will soon be easier than ever thanks to a new solution jointly produced by Alwan Color Expertise, a world leader in color management and standardization technologies, and Digital Information, a world leader in closed-loop systems. The new solution combines the companies’ industry-leading software, Alwan PRINT Standardizer, DI InkZone Move and DI InkZone Loop. The integration of the three products in one unique and complete solution will enable users to print to standards, every job, every day. The new Alwan/DI solution will be launched and showcased at Graphics Of the Americas 2011 on the Digital Information booth (101). The event runs February 24 – 26 in Orlando.

    Elie Khoury, Alwan Color Expertise's founder and CEO, explains: "Printing to standards helps printers improve their pressroom productivity and profitability. It is heartening to see that many printers worldwide have adopted standards, though adoption has slowed. This is because many printers believe printing to standards is a tedious and costly operation that is way beyond their means.

    “This is where the Alwan/DI solution comes in. Printers can see for themselves that printing to standards is not rocket science. It is simply about having their printed solids, TVI, gray balance and spreads in conformance. The Alwan/DI solution takes care of this in an automated way thanks to its print assessment and self-learning system.

    “This system allows users to save the costs associated with test or calibration sessions that are necessary with all other solutions, which are estimated to be around $/€ 2,000 per press and paper.

    “The Alwan/DI solution offers an immediate and guaranteed ROI for any printer of any size.” Alwan’s participation at the Digital Information stand is an excellent opportunity for the companies to demonstrate their complementary technologies.

    David Hunter, Alwan’s representative for North America, says: “DI InkZone's closed loop with the press automatically adjusts the ink keys for printed solids to match ISO. Meanwhile Alwan PRINT Standardizer's closed loop with the RIP automatically adjusts the compensation curves for TVI, NPDC and Spread to match ISO. Combining both systems gives printers a unique, fully automated instrument-RIP-press closed-loop system, enabling them to produce ISO 12647/G7®-compliant jobs without interruption.

    “The latest version of PRINT Standardizer comes with many innovations, including InkZoneMove support, new RIPs support, as well as detailed ISO conformance reports that are in line with Fogra PSO/ISO 12647 and RIT PSA/ISO 12647 assessments."

    For Michael Haenni, General Manager at Digital Information, the companies’ collaboration will enable Digital Information to provide a more comprehensive solution that meets its customers’ evolving needs: "Digital Information has played a key role in helping printers print to ISO standard on any make of press, of any age. The worldwide adoption of DI InkZone software underlines the importance for printers to decrease make-ready times so that they can maximize profits from shorter print runs.

    “However, our customers are increasingly asking us for a more complete solution that adjusts solids on press automatically – which DI InkZone does brilliantly – and adjusts the gray balance, TVI and spread for full ISO 12647 / G7® compliance. After scrutinizing the market, it was clear that Alwan PRINT Standardizer complements DI InkZone perfectly. The combined Digital Information and Alwan solution is automated, customizable and very easy to use. It’s the only solution that provides a fully automated way to print practically every production sheet to standards, and to prove it thanks to the generated ISO 12647-2 sheet and production conformance reports. Delegates visiting our stand will discover how to make any press print to standards."

  • Enfocus updates PitStop Pro 10 to support Acrobat® X

    Popular PDF preflighting and editing tool now supports Adobe® Acrobat® X Standard and Pro as well as the latest ISO standards

    February 1, 2011 – Gent, Belgium – Enfocus announces the update 1 of its PitStop Pro 10 application. Update 1 offers compatibility with the latest Adobe® Acrobat® X Standard and Pro. It also introduces compatibility with the latest PDF/X-4:2010 and PDF/A ISO standards.

    "To serve our customers at their best interest, Enfocus always aims to be compatible with the latest design solutions and industry specifications. The release of PitStop Pro 10 update 1 keeps this key product at the leading edge of Adobe® Acrobat® and ISO standards compatibility," says Elli Cloots, Director of Product Management at Enfocus.

    Enfocus PitStop Pro 10 is a plug-in to Adobe® Acrobat® X Standard or Pro. The recent introduction of Adobe® Acrobat® X saw a major change to the user interface. It no longer uses the familiar toolbar menus but now groups all the main panels on the right side of the document window. The latest PitStop Pro 10 update 1 is designed to work with this new menu structure. However it still remains compatible with the previous Acrobat 8.1 (or higher) and 9.x Standard or Pro versions, on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

    Support for latest PDF/X-4 and PDF/A

    At the same time Enfocus has taken the opportunity to add support for the latest PDF/X-4:2010 standard. This standard has recently been finalized and replaces PDF/X-4:2008. PDF/X-4 supports color-managed data as well as PDF transparency and optional content.

    PDF/A, now also supported, is a file format for the long-term archiving of electronic documents. With the update 1, PitStop Pro enables users to check against these ISO specifications including a large number of corrections.

    Faster, easier, smarter

    PitStop Pro has long been recognized for its many PDF editing features and its user-friendly design, enabling easy management and customization of presets and tools. Under the 'You first' commitment to the customers, Enfocus listened to extensive user feedback and further expanded these features in PitStop Pro 10, which was introduced in September 2010.

    It introduced features that had been particularly requested by customers. These have been designed to help users to work faster with greater precision, and also to save significant amounts of time. It also concentrated on making color management more accessible for everybody, with easy controls and the ability to import users’ own color libraries. Action Lists are easier to use too, while QuickRuns now include Global Changes, which apply changes across all the pages in a document.

  • Techkon's SpectroEdge In-line Spectrophotometer

    Techkon has announced they will exhibit a live-running version of Techkon SpectroEdge ES5000, an in-line spectrophotometer for digital and wide format inkjet presses at Hunkeler Innovationdays (February 14-17, 2011 in Lucerne, Switzerland). This demonstration of SpectroEdge will feature in-line closed loop color calibration at measurement speeds of 300m/minute (1000ft)/minute, dramatically reducing set-up time and enabling accurate and rapid press adjustments "on-the-fly."


  • PIA Develops Inkjet Test Form

    Graphic arts trade association Printing Industries of America (PIA), Pittsburgh, announce its new 20in × 40in Wide-Format Inkjet Test Form—a new test form designed exclusively for evaluating inkjet printing equipment. The test form is comprised of 18 test elements developed specifically to help printers gauge the performance of wide-format inkjet devices.

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  • Receive a Free Day of Training with Select Techkon Products!

    Receive a Free Day of Training!

    Purchase a Techkon SpectroDens Advanced or Techkon SpectroDrive with RPimaging’s G7 Calibration package and receive a free day of training!

    RPimaging’s G7 Calibration package is 2 days onsite assistance implementing the G7 calibration method for one press and stock.

    • Minimize time & error integrating your new Techkon spectrodensitometer
    • Learn how to cross relate color to additional presses
    • Verify prepress proofs conform to GRACoL or SWOP specifications
    • Qualify printing facility for G7 Master Printer Program

    RPimaging G7 Calibration Package

    We show you the best approach to using your new Techkon SpectroDens Advanced or Techkon SpectroDrive with G7 calibration. Over the next 2 days on your best press and with a press stock closest to GRACoL or SWOP, we’ll take you through the steps to create and verify G7 curves. You’ll learn advanced tips on your Techkon device that can be used in production immediately.

    Choose Your 3rd Training Day

    Additional Press Calibration:

    We show how to cross relate color separations for the G7 calibrated plates to other presses. You’ll learn how to attain optimum production density aim points for each press using the G7 calibrated plates. Each Additional Press Calibration is typically an extra day.

    Prepress Proofer Calibration:

    We verify your prepress proofs meet GRACoL or SWOP. If your proofing system fails verification we can calibrate it to pass and provide maintenance procedures to ensure consistent and reliable proofing. Prepress Proofer Calibration is typically an additional day.

    Offer expires 10/30/2010. Limit one special per customer. Not available to exisiting customers of RPimaging, INC. Can not be combined with any offer from RPimaging, INC. Excludes travel expenses.

  • Enfocus Pitstop Connect Tour & Free Seminar

    Join Dan Reid for a seminar on PitStop Connect, and discover how to communicate settings and specifications to your customers without problems. This unique product assures every PDF received is according to your specifications.

    You'll learn at the seminar:

    • Solving communication problems between production and designers with PitStop Connect
    • How to automate your workflow with PitStop Connect
    • The use of meta data through PitStop Connect
    • Answers to any questions you may have about PitStop Connect

    When & Where
    When: August 5, 2010 from 3:45 - 6:30 PM
    Where: ASU, Downtown Phoenix, Campus Mercado
    Address: 502 E. Monroe St., Suite C380, Phoenix, AZ 85004
    Phone: (602) 496-1500

  • myPANTONE iPhone App

    Pantone has recently updated myPANTONE – its popular iPhone application for capturing, creating and sharing PANTONE Color palettes – to include the recently released PANTONE PLUS Color Libraries. PANTONE PLUS is the next generation of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM and provides 224 new solid colors, 300 new metallics, 154 pastels and 56 neons for even greater selection. To download myPANTONE 1.1.1 or upgrade existing applications, click here.

    What is myPANTONE?
    myPANTONE is an on-the-go, inspirational color tool that gives graphic, digital, multimedia, fashion, interior and industrial designers access to all PANTONE Color Libraries, and allows them to take advantage of the iPhone’s built-in camera by capturing colors whenever and wherever. Users can share color palettes via email, Facebook and Twitter, and access valuable color information such as sRGB, HTML and L*a*b* values from directly within the application.
    ** The colors displayed on the screen are for directional purposes only and a PANTONE Guide should always be used in order to accurately determine color appearance.

    The PANTONE PLUS SERIES provides designers and printers with a host of new features and capabilities to fulfill their creative desires. Enhancements include the chromatic arrangement of colors for more intuitive selection, an expanded palette of spot colors, the addition of new premium metallics and a broader range of neons. Also, all guides in the PLUS SERIES include a ColorChecker Lighting Indicator to instantly show whether current lighting conditions are suitable for color evaluation. For more information on the PANTONE PLUS SERIES, click here.

  • Enfocus Announces Instant PDF 09

    Enfocus has launched Instant PDF 09, the latest version of its tool for producing press-ready Certified PDFs. By preflighting and automatically correcting PDF files after creation, Instant PDF 09 brings unprecedented simplicity and standard compliance to the desktops of designers. The latest release comes with support for Adobe CS 5 and QuarkXPress 8 applications, as well as the latest industry standards.

    Click here to read the full article from

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