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  • Part 1: Checking Printer Calibrations


    Color Management for Grand Format Printers

    Tuesday March 20, 2014

    1:00 pm EST | Noon Central | 11:00 am Mountain | 10:00 am Pacific


    X-Rite Pantone presents a 3-part webinar series:

    -Color Management Techniques for Grand Format Printers
    -Part 1: Checking Printer Calibrations


    Attend this FREE 30 minute webinar and learn:

    -Methods for analyzing print results using color measurement devices and software
    -How to reduce ink limits
    -Different methods to calibrate your grand format printer


    About the speaker: Dan Reid, RPimaging

    For more than 15 years Dan has provided color management consulting services to many leading brands and print service providers. As a G7 Certified Expert since 2006, Dan has helped numerous businesses achieve the merits of G7 print calibration method.


    Register Now Part 1: Checking Printer Calibrations

  • Webinar: Color Management Techniques for Grand Format Printers Part 3: Communicating Color for Grand Format Printers

    X-Rite Pantone Presents a 3-Part Webinar Series:

    Color Management Techniques for Grand Format Printers

    Part 3: Communicating Color for Grand Format Printers

    Attend this FREE 30 minute webinar and learn the following:

    • What is best way to handle RGB to CMYK and CMYK to CMYK color conversions?
    • How you do match named or brand colors spec in job efficiently?
    • When a customer proof or printed sample is provided can you match against this unknown?
    • How do you know your color match is good? What is your definition of close enough?
    Dan Reid

    About the speaker: Dan Reid, RPimaging

    For more than 15 years Dan has provided color management consulting services to many leading brands and print service providers. As a G7 Certified Expert since 2006, Dan has helped numerous businesses achieve the merits of G7 print calibration method.

    Wednesday, Sept 25, 2013

    1:00 pm EST | Noon Central | 11:00 am Mountain | 10:00 am Pacific


  • Webinar: Color Management Techniques for Grand Format Printers Part 2: G7 for Grand Format Printers

    X-Rite Pantone Presents a 3-Part Webinar Series:

    Color Management Techniques for Grand Format Printers

    Part 2: G7 for Grand Format Printers

    Attend this FREE 30 minute webinar and learn the following:

    • What G7 does for non-litho applications?
    • Why consider implementing G7?
    • RIPs that support the G7 calibration method.
    • Tools available for implementing G7.
    Dan Reid

    About the speaker: Dan Reid, RPimaging

    For more than 15 years Dan has provided color management consulting services to many leading brands and print service providers. As a G7 Certified Expert since 2006, Dan has helped numerous businesses achieve the merits of G7 print calibration method.


    Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013

    1:00 pm EST | Noon Central | 11:00 am Mountain | 10:00 am Pacific

    Pre-register for Final Grand Format Printers Webinar:

    Part 3: Communicating Color for Grand Format Printers (Sept. 25)

    If you missed Part 1:

  • Curve3 and Caldera v9.1

    Chromix Curve3

    In the beginning of May we notified customers of the long anticipated release of Chromix Curve3 was indeed now available.
    Shortly after some of the customers who upgraded to Curve3 reported issues importing the CGAT file exported from Curve3. Specifically we noticed these calls from Caldera VisualRIP+ and Caldera GrandRIP+ v9 customers.

    We looked into the issue and noticed a small change in one field. Editing this singular data field allows the CGAT file to again be imported into Caldera v9 RIP.


    1. Open the exported Curve3 data file in spreadsheet editor, using tab separated eliminator. You can also use a text editor as long as the formatting is retained and not changed to .rtf
    2. Find the data field "SAMPLE_NAME" and update to "SAMPLENAME"
    3. Save data file again using tab delimited export from the spreadsheet editor
    4. You can now import in Caldera v9.1.x Build 130424 or earlier

    Caldera GrandRIP+ v9.1


    This week Caldera released an update to address this small incompatibility. There has been numerousCaldera v9.1 RIP updates this year. Be proactive and backup your system before updating and applying Caldera patches.

    • If you are using Caldera v9.1x with Curve2 -- compatible, no update required, still supported in build 130607 or later
    • If you are using Caldera v9.1x with Curve3 -- should upgrade to build 130607 or later which supports updated Curve3 formatting. Download update from Caldera User area from
  • i1Profiler Receives Update


    X-Rite has made their next generation professional color management software even better with the new release of i1Profiler. i1Profiler is the profiling software that ships with all i1 models. Now, with the version 1.4 update that X-Rite has released, the i1Profiler software supports scanner profiling as well. This new version also features full support for all of the latest operating systems, including Mac OSX 10.8 and Windows 8. This update will be a free update for all i1Profiler users, and any future i1Pro customers will have free access to this software. The release of the new i1Profiler software will greatly expand the feature set of the previous version of this software. In the same ilk as the previous release of this software, the newest version features both basic and advanced modes of operation to help quickly and easily calibrate your monitor, projector, scanner, and printer, so you can be assured that no matter what media your work is on, your color will be right the first time, every time.

    Key Features of 1.4

    Scanner Profiling

    By simply scanning a standard color checking target, users can generate a high quality, custom ICC profile for their scanner. The software is capable of automatically detecting, cropping, and resizing the target to meet its needs.
    ColorChecker Classic

    Supported Targets:
    • ColorChecker Classic
    • ColorChecker Digital SG
    • Reflective IT 8.7/2
    • Transmissive 4x5 and 35mm IT 8.7/1

    OS Support Update

    This software has been expanded to support all of the latest popular operating systems. This support list includes the following:

    • Mac OSX 10.6.x, 10.7.x, and 10.8.x (with latest updates installed)
    • Microsoft Windows XP 32 bit, Vista 32 or 64 bit, Windows 7 32 or 64 bit, and Windows 8 32 or 64 bit (with latest service pack installed)

    In addition to the above improvements, i1Profiler 1.4 also includes additional CGATS and other minor workflow improvements, plus several maintenance fixes.

    Thanks to the release of this new version of i1Profiler, color calibration on any media has never been easier. If you're interested in taking the new version of i1Profiler for a spin, it comes with every i1 Pro device. You can purchase an i1 product from our store from here.

  • X-Rite Discontinues Old Spectrodensitometers


    X-Rite, one of the leaders in color matching hardware, has decided to make the move to drop a large selection of spectrodensitometers from their product portfolio. This move has been made in order to help promote their new product, the X-Rite eXact. The X-Rite eXact is X-Rite's newest revolutionary spectrodensitometer designed with productivity in mind. The eXact introduces a wealth of new features into X-Rite's spectrodensitometer lineup. Included in the list of discontinued spectrodensitometers are the following:

    Discontinued SpectroeXact Replacement Model
    X-Rite 518X-Rite eXact Densitometer
    X-Rite 528X-Rite eXact Standard
    X-Rite 530X-Rite eXact Standard
    X-Rite 939X-Rite eXact Advanced
    X-Rite DensiEye 700X-Rite eXact Densitometer
    X-Rite SpectroEye LTX-Rite eXact Standard
    X-Rite SpectroEyeX-Rite eXact Advanced

    If you're the proud owner of one of these devices, or you were planning on buying one, fret not, as X-Rite has already announced that they will be continuing support and service for all of the aforementioned models until 2020 (7 years after the discontinuation date). If you've been debating purchasing one of these devices, however, you may want to look into the X-Rite eXact equivalent. The eXact is the latest hardware from X-Rite, and it boasts quite a few new features including:

    eXact Features

    X-Rite eXact

    • Industry first color touch screen display that simplifies device operation
    • Range of product configurations that scale to meet business needs
    • Color pass/fail reporting against industry standards
    • Un-tethered calibration, specification, and data capturing
    • Embedded Pantone libraries for access to industry-leading color reference standards.
    • Expanded on device storage allows for job presets and color libraries to be saved
    • BestMatch offers a fast way to accurately measure ink colors throughout the press run

    The eXact comes in three different flavors: the densitometer, the standard, and the advanced. If you want to figure out which model is the best fit for you, visit our product listing to see the features of each. With the discontinuation of these spectrodensitometers, there's no better time than now to upgrade to the latest, greatest technology from X-Rite.

  • Caldera Releases Version 9.10 of RIP software

    Caldera has long been a highly acclaimed name in the world of RIP software. They have brought many useful pieces of software into the industry, and with the new version of their already famous RIP software, they have provided the community with even more great tools to help improve the quality of our workflow. With all of the amazing new features that have found their way into this version of Caldera's RIP software, mastering your RIP is easier than ever before.
    Caldera V9.1

    New Included Features of V9.10

    • Multi-Page Collate
    • Raster2PDF
    • Japanese Language Support

    Multi-Page Collate

    Multi-Page PDF printing is becoming an ever present norm in today's wide-format printing workflow. Caldera has realized this truth and has introduced all new multi-page collation features in their new version of the software. With the new collation options available in this software, you can now set your output documents to be either fully assembled (all pages 1-x) or printed in sequential order (all page 1's, all page 2's, etc.). No more sifting through thousands of papers to find what you need.

    Other Included Features

    With the launch of this new software, Caldera has incorporated plenty of other features to assist with the usability of their software. With the new Raster2PDF feature, size limitations for certain raster files (namely TIFF's) have been removed. This improves the performance of raster files by using performance benefits provided by the APPE engine. Also, this new version introduces support for the Japanese language. Not only did Caldera decide to support Japanese in this version of the software, but they are also providing extensive Japanese documentation on their software. These new features are included standard with all new copies of Caldera RIP software.
    PB Screen

    New Available Options in V9.10

    • Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.6
    • VisualCut+
    • Process Standard Verifier
    • Textile Step & Repeat
    • EasyMedia OBC
    • PrintBoard



    With the release of this new version of Caldera's famous software, many improvements and additions have been made to the VisualCut module. This module has already proven itself to be a great time saver, and thanks to the new additions made by Caldera, this software is a productivity powerhouse.

    • Enhanced GUI
    • New preview mode with all new features
    • Customization and saving of cutting tools
    • New cut drivers

    Textile Step & Repeat

    Creating seamless images for the sake of textiles and other print industries can be a very daunting task. Caldera aims to decrease the stress brought about by this task with the introduction of their new Textile Step & Repeat module. The S&R module is capable of perfectly optimizing pattern repetition so you don't have to. You can now control pattern repetition by applying the right shifts. The new integrated "Detect Drop" button will automatically compute the correct drop to apply. This new feature can be found in Caldera's textile optimized RIP solutions, VisualTEX+ and GrandTEX+.

    Process Standard Verifier

    The new Process Standard Verifier incorporated in this version of Caldera's RIP software can help users ensure conformity to FOGRA certification of their printing press. The verifier can build a compliancy report with the following standards:
    Process Control

    • ISO 12647-2
    • ISO 12647-7
    • ISO 12647-8
    • PSD Absolute (Process Standard Digital)
    • PSD Relative (Process Standard Digital)
    • PSO (Process Standard Offset)

    And Many More!

    There are many other useful additional options that you can add to the latest version of this software. The Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.6 enables you to decrease the processing time of RIPs, ensure print consistency, streamline complex document production, and enhance Acrobat compatibility. EasyMedia OBC is a new add on to EasyMedia that was also released with this new update. EasyMedia OBC enables management of the optical brighteners compensation process, and the creation of profiles that take optical brighteners into consideration. The new PrintBoard plugin for Variable Display allows users of Caldera’s RIP software to show an overview of their production activity on screen for anyone to see, with information including which files have recently been added to the spooler, and the number of square meters processed daily by the RIP. With all of the new features added in version 9.10 by Caldera, it can be difficult to find a reason not to upgrade. If you'd like to browse our selection of Caldera 9.10 software, feel free to take a look at our product pages:


  • Alwan Releases PRINT Verifier X v2.5.0

    Print VerifierAlwan's Print Verifier has been a long time favorite of quality control operators. RPImaging is happy to announce that Alwan has released a newer version of this useful software. Controlling and certifying print documents is now easier than ever before thanks to the new features available in this release of PRINT Verifier. Some of the new features include:

    • New assessment methods
    • New supported instruments
    • New imported file format
    • New functionality

    New Assessment Methods

    Alwan has introduced new assesssment methods to bring their software up to spec with industry standards. Thanks to the revisions made, all of the following is now possible:

    • G7® Gray Balance + CMYK Solids assessment
    • ISO 12647-2 + G7® Gray Balance (informative) assessment
    • ISO 12647-3 + G7® Gray Balance (informative) assessment

    New Supported Instruments

    i1 IsIs
    X-Rite is a leader in color management hardware, and one of the wisest moves that Alwan made with the release of it's new software is the addition of support for more X-Rite instruments. With the latest version of PRINT Verifier, you can now use these devices with your software:

    New Imported File Format

    The new version of PRINT Verifier now has support for a new file format. With this update, you can now import X-Rite CxF3 file format (Color Exchange Format 3.0). This new file format support greatly increases productivity by eliminating downtime due to file format conversions.

    New Functionality

    If the other new benefits weren't enough to sell you on this software, the functionality incorporated in this version is guaranteed to make you want to upgrade. Some of the many perks of this new software include the following:

    • Import of custom control strips with CBL format (from X-Rite IntelliTrax software)
    • Substrate Corrected Color Aims (SCCA)
    • Support of measurement files containing one or more spot colors.

    General Improvements

    On top of the wealth of added features, Alwan has taken this opportunity to make improvements to their already existing functionality as follows:
    G7 Logo

    • New G7® Targeted reports containing NPDC, w∆L and F criteria
    • New default Alwan_M_i1P_4C_MT_1R_246.5_G7_v2.0 control strip
    • New default P2P25 chart
    • Imported control strip can be deleted now
    • Minor bug and UI fixes


    With all of the new features incorporated in the latest release of PRINT Verifier, it's easy to see how this software could greatly improve your workflow. RPImaging welcomes the introduction of PRINT Verifier X v2.5.0, and we feel this software is guaranteed to make an impact on the market.

  • Techkon Introduces the SpectroDens Premium

    SpectroDensSince the release of the original SpectroDens in 2007, the way we measure color has never been the same. When Techkon released this fast, accurate color measurement device for color quality control in all print environments, they introduced a wealth of abilities into the world of color measurement. Quality managers are able to quickly check color accuracy using Pass/Fail, and with Techkon’s unique Ink Check feature, that specifies specific ink density adjustments to bring color into customer specified tolerances, measurement has never been the same. This innovator in quality isn't giving up there, however. Techkon has once again surprised its customers with the release of the next generation of their famous product line, the SpectroDens Premium. Techkon is a global leader in the manufacturing of densitometers, spectrophotometers, and software solutions, and it comes as no surprise to hear they've once again stormed the market with a great revision of their already outstanding hardware.

    Designed With Productivity in Mind

    SpectroDens Premium
    The latest version of Techkon's famed hardware features some very exciting new features, such as a more compact design, improved ergonomics, wireless capabilities, and a high resolution color display. All of these new features come together to provide an easier, more pleasant experience to the operator. By utilizing a high resolution color display, the SpectroDens improves productivity by providing the operator with a visual representation of CIE L*a*b* values. The new wireless capabilities enable the operator to more easily take measurements without the need to be tethered to a computer. Another great feature of this sleek new product is the addition of tracking wheels on the bottom of the device. These wheels assist in shortening scan measurements of color control bars by keeping the device perfectly aligned with the bar. When coupled with the excellent service provided by Techkon, it's hard to find a reason not to upgrade.

    Industry Innovators


    Techkon is committed to customer satisfaction. The new generation SpectroDens shows just how much Techkon is committed to developing color measurement solutions to better serve all customers’ needs for quality, efficiency and accuracy. Every product that they produce is of the highest quality standards. With the introduction of the SpectroDens Premium, the Techkon family is becoming ever more influential in the way we measure the world around us. Other Techkon products include the SpectroJet, SpectroDrive, SpectroPlate, ES5000, and SpectroEdge. If you're interested in purchasing the SpectroDens Premium, or simply learning more about it, check out our product listing HERE.

  • Caldera RIP v9 and Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

    Caldera RIP has officially released a Mac 10.8 compatible version of their popular RIP software Caldera GrandRIP+ and Caldera VisualRIP+. You must install Caldera v9.00-A version to be compatible. Caldera v9.00-A uses XQuartz instead of X11 which was included in previous Mac OS. X11 is no longer included in Mountain Lion release. X11 can still be downloaded separately but is no longer included.
    Contact Us for assistance with Caldera upgrades.

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