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    News, events and important updates from RPimaging, INC.
    • Caldera RIP v9 and Mac 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

      Caldera RIP has officially released a Mac 10.8 compatible version of their popular RIP software Caldera GrandRIP+ and Caldera VisualRIP+. You must install Caldera v9.00-A version to be compatible. Caldera v9.00-A uses XQuartz instead of X11 which was included in previous Mac OS. X11 is no longer included in Mountain Lion release. X11 can still be downloaded separately but is no longer included.
      Contact Us for assistance with Caldera upgrades.

    • Enfocus' Switch 11 and PitStop 11 have Arrived!

      Enfocus Announces PitStop Pro 11 and PitStop Server 11!

      Available May 2012 at drupa 2012

      Enfocus has announced the release date for both the PitStop Pro 11 and the PitStop Server 11. There are over 130,000 PitStop users around the world that will benefit from a significantly more accurate and flexible PDF preflight and correction software.

      Enfocus Pitstop Server 11

      Enfocus PitStop Server 11

      Imagine a PitStop Server with just one preflight profile that checks and corrects every job based on the information within your MIS system, every job is checked on a job-by-job basis, and every job is checked to a different set of parameters if required.

      With PitStop Server 11 comes the concept of 'Variable Sets' which means you can drive your preflight profile and correction settings from XML or JDF job tickets generated from your MIS system or Ad Booking system.

      Enfocus Pitstop Pro 11

      Enfocus PitStop Pro 11

      PitStop Pro 11 introduces Smart Preflight & Correction - a more accurate and flexible way of preflighting and correcting files to their specific production requirements.

      Enfocus has released the Switch 11

      Enfocus has finally released the Switch 11. The Switch 11 will replace the LightSwitch 10, FullSwitch 10, and PowerSwitch 10. The Enfocus Switch 11 can be purchased along side customized modules. No longer will customers be forced to purchase unneeeded modules. Simply purchase the Enfocus Switch 11 with the modules you see fit for your workflow. The Enfocus Switch 11 Upgrade is avaiable for users with the following products.

      • LightSwitch
      • FullSwitch
      • PowerSwitch

      What's new in PitStop Server 11 and PitStop Pro 11?

      • A more accurate and specific preflight, resulting in higher quality
      • Better integration by using information that is already available in other systems, like your MIS
      • Take full advantage of the technology you already have today
      • Reduce errors and standardize processes to save time and money
      • PitStop Server 11 is the SMARTEST preflight of them all

      Don't wait!


      When you pre-order the Enfocus PitStop Server 11 or PitStop Pro 11 today you save big! Savings from $100.00 - $500.00! If that isn't enough to get you out of your seat, Enfocus will also send you a copy of version 10 while you wait!

      Product (Pre-order) Until May 2 May 3 - June 30 As of July 1
      Enfocus PitStop Server 11 $2969.00 $3299.00 $3599.00
      Enfoucs PitStop Pro 11 $699.00 $699.00 $799.00

    • X-Rite Promotions Till March 31, 2012

      Save big on X-Rite Color Management products!

      Until March 31, 2012 X-Rite is offering promotions on all of the following products:

      1. X-Rite i1isis
      2. X-Rite i1Publish
      3. X-Rite QA-ColorMaster
      4. X-Rite IntelliTrax
      5. X-Rite EasyTrax

      If you have been considering any of the products listed above then now is the time
      for you. X-Rite is offering promotions ranging from free services, to free products,
      store credit, and much more. Don't miss out on these huge savings! It's not often
      you see these types of savings on i1 pro level color management solutions.

      X-Rite i1isis

      X-Rite i1isis:

      Buy any size i1iSis and receive a FREE i1Publish. That is a savings of $999.00! Simply purchase an i1isis anytime until March 31, 2012 and we will include the i1Publish at no additional charge.


      X-Rite i1Publish

      X-Rite i1Publish:

      Buy an i1Publish or upgrade to an i1Publish and receive 30% cash back. Upgrade from i1Match, PRofileMaker or MonacoPROFILER today!


      X-Rite QA-ColorMaster Bundle:

      X-Rite QA Color Master Bundle

      Purchase a bundle with either the QA-Master I or QA-Master II and either the 530 Spectrodensitometer or 939 Spectrodensitometer.
      The bundle also includes Pantone color guides and a $500 credit that can be used towards any of the following:

      • Pantone Certified Printer Program
      • X-Rite G7 Consulting Services
      • Credit on any future X-Rite purchase over $3500.


      X-Rite IntelliTrax Spectral Bundle:

      X-Rite IntelliTrax Spectral Bundle

      When you purchase the X-Rite IntelliTrax Spectral Bundle you will receive the IntelliTrax, a 530 Spectrodensitometer, 2 days on-site training, and PANTONE ColorGuides.

      Customers also receive a $1000.00 credit toward any of the following:

      • PANTONE Certified Printer Program
      • X-Rite G7 Consulting Services
      • Credit on any future X-Rite product over $5000


      X-Rite EasyTrax Spectral Bundle:

      X-Rite EasyTrax Spectral Bundle

      When you purchase the X-Rite EasyTrax Bundle you will not only receive the EasyTrax, you will also receive PANTONE Color Guides.

      Customers also receive $1000 credit that can be used toward any of the following:

      • PANTONE Certified Printer Program
      • X-Rite G7 Consulting Services
      • Credit on any future X-Rite purchase over $5000


      Promotional pricing valid until March 31, 2012.

    • ONYX ProductionHouse & PosterShop Upgrade Promotion X10.1

      ONYX RIP Software X10.1

      Save Up To 55% When You Upgrade

      ONYX is offering a promotional upgrade for customers with version 6.x of ProductionHouse X10.1 and PosterShop X10.1. Both the PosterShop and ProductionHouse are highly respected in the color management world and have been in the top tier for RIP software a few years running. This promotion is for a limited time only, so if you have been considering the upgrade there is no better time!

      ONYX ProductHouse X10.1 is a simple to use RIP with flexible yet powerful tools. These tools allow you to control your production workflow by reducing production cost and delivering superior color quality.
      Sale: $995.00 (List Price: $2195.00)

      ONYX PosterShop X10.1 is the solution for professional printers. Quickly and easily create efficient Print-only and Print-and-Cut workflows for a wide range of devices while delivering a higher-grade output quality to your customers.
      Sale: $995.00 (List Price: $2195.00)

      X10.1 is like no other version. Many new features have been added to these RIPs:

      • G7 Support Tool
      • JDF Workfllow
      • Split Multi-page PDFs

      G7 Support Tool

      With the G7 Support Tool you can finally construct that balanced gray and consistency in colors across printing instruments that meet the G7 standards. The G7 process chooses a specific calibration method that will boost your printer's reliability and achieve a more accurate depiction from proof to press.

      JDF Workflow

      JDF is the new interface standard built for and by the graphics art industry to enable automated print workflows. There are many benefits to automation in the pre-press environment: reduced errors, increased consistency and essentially better quality.

      Multi-page PDF Optimization

      The artboards feature in Adobe Illustrator has taken a huge liking in the graphics art industry. This Multi-page PDF tool gives professionals the capability to plug away on multiple images and sizes in one PDF file. Unfortunately, the average wide format RIP software doesn't handle these files properly, which ends up costing you time and money. Not only does X10.1 solve this problem but it also speeds up the process!

      Promotion valid until March 1, 2012.

    • X-Rite i1Display 2 & i1Dispay LT — free upgrade to Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

      X-Rite announces today a free upgrade for X-Rite i1 Display2 and i1 Display LT for users who upgrade to Mac OSX 10.7 Lion.

      X-rite is providing a special i1Profiler i1Display Lion Edition. i1Profiler is X-Rite’s latest software platform introduced earlier this year and is fully compatible with Lion. i1Profiler i1Display Lion Edition special edition software offers a similar feature set of i1Match monitor profiling software.

      Make sure to register to receive the free update notice,

    • AzPPA March Education Program - Predictable Color from Your Print Service Provider

      Frustrated by a different color representation on screen to prints from your print provider? Confused which Adobe Photoshop color setting to use or if you should send CMYK files?

      Dan Reid, president of RPimaging, is a teacher, color management consultant, writer, and artist. His company helps individuals and companies with color matching challenges in photography, printing, and proofing markets. Mr. Reid keeps on the forefront by serving as a beta test site, contributing editor for several trade publications, and on-site instruction for companies nationally.

      In a short 2 hours on March 7 you will leave confident setting up Adobe Photoshop color settings for communicating with print service providers and monitor calibration methods and options to implement the following day in your business. Noted color expert Dan Reid of RPimaging will guide you through the river of options that impact predicting color from print providers. Dan will go over sending RGB or CMYK files, ICC color space choices, and soft proofing in Adobe Photoshop. An in-depth discussion of monitor calibration; it's importance, limitations, options, and leading technologies makes this an information packed event you will not want to miss.

      Please see the AzPPA Website for more info on this exciting event!

    • Alwan Color Expertise and Digital Information's New Closed-Loop Solution to Offer Guaranteed and Fully Automated Conformance to ISO 12647 and G7®

      Guaranteed and fully automated ISO 12647-2 and G7® conformance will soon be easier than ever thanks to a new solution jointly produced by Alwan Color Expertise, a world leader in color management and standardization technologies, and Digital Information, a world leader in closed-loop systems. The new solution combines the companies’ industry-leading software, Alwan PRINT Standardizer, DI InkZone Move and DI InkZone Loop. The integration of the three products in one unique and complete solution will enable users to print to standards, every job, every day. The new Alwan/DI solution will be launched and showcased at Graphics Of the Americas 2011 on the Digital Information booth (101). The event runs February 24 – 26 in Orlando.

      Elie Khoury, Alwan Color Expertise's founder and CEO, explains: "Printing to standards helps printers improve their pressroom productivity and profitability. It is heartening to see that many printers worldwide have adopted standards, though adoption has slowed. This is because many printers believe printing to standards is a tedious and costly operation that is way beyond their means.

      “This is where the Alwan/DI solution comes in. Printers can see for themselves that printing to standards is not rocket science. It is simply about having their printed solids, TVI, gray balance and spreads in conformance. The Alwan/DI solution takes care of this in an automated way thanks to its print assessment and self-learning system.

      “This system allows users to save the costs associated with test or calibration sessions that are necessary with all other solutions, which are estimated to be around $/€ 2,000 per press and paper.

      “The Alwan/DI solution offers an immediate and guaranteed ROI for any printer of any size.” Alwan’s participation at the Digital Information stand is an excellent opportunity for the companies to demonstrate their complementary technologies.

      David Hunter, Alwan’s representative for North America, says: “DI InkZone's closed loop with the press automatically adjusts the ink keys for printed solids to match ISO. Meanwhile Alwan PRINT Standardizer's closed loop with the RIP automatically adjusts the compensation curves for TVI, NPDC and Spread to match ISO. Combining both systems gives printers a unique, fully automated instrument-RIP-press closed-loop system, enabling them to produce ISO 12647/G7®-compliant jobs without interruption.

      “The latest version of PRINT Standardizer comes with many innovations, including InkZoneMove support, new RIPs support, as well as detailed ISO conformance reports that are in line with Fogra PSO/ISO 12647 and RIT PSA/ISO 12647 assessments."

      For Michael Haenni, General Manager at Digital Information, the companies’ collaboration will enable Digital Information to provide a more comprehensive solution that meets its customers’ evolving needs: "Digital Information has played a key role in helping printers print to ISO standard on any make of press, of any age. The worldwide adoption of DI InkZone software underlines the importance for printers to decrease make-ready times so that they can maximize profits from shorter print runs.

      “However, our customers are increasingly asking us for a more complete solution that adjusts solids on press automatically – which DI InkZone does brilliantly – and adjusts the gray balance, TVI and spread for full ISO 12647 / G7® compliance. After scrutinizing the market, it was clear that Alwan PRINT Standardizer complements DI InkZone perfectly. The combined Digital Information and Alwan solution is automated, customizable and very easy to use. It’s the only solution that provides a fully automated way to print practically every production sheet to standards, and to prove it thanks to the generated ISO 12647-2 sheet and production conformance reports. Delegates visiting our stand will discover how to make any press print to standards."

    • ARTtrust: Protect Fine Art and Photographic Prints from Fraudulent Copies

      My friend David Saffir has posted a great article on ARTtrust.  ARTtrust generates unique identification tags that can be verified via a secure Internet connection. Basically a label is generated with "air bubbles" that form a unique pattern. This pattern is registered on their website providing a means of unique print identity and traceability.

      Read David's complete post

    • Color Management Survival Tools Workshop

      Join Dan Reid for an insightful workshop on creating DNG (RAW) profiles using the new X-Rite ColorChecker Passport system. We will also be featuring the X-Rite ColorMunki spectrophotometer for monitor and printer profiling and the Eizo CG301W self-calibrating LCD monitor.

      You'll learn at the workshop:

      • Demonstrate X-Rite ColorChecker Passport in Adobe Photoshop CS workflow
      • Why photographers should shoot in RAW instead of JPG?
      • See why Eizo monitors are the popular choice for discerning photographers
      • Discuss the merits and challenges of ProPhotoRGB, Adobe RGB, and sRGB color spaces for editing images
      • Demonstrate converting files for submittal to print providers (Photolabs, Commercial Printing) and the internet


      RPimaging, INC in partnership with will be hosting our fall tech expo in three locations in Arizona.

      • 10/12 - 10/13/09: Flagstaff, Flagstaff Ranch Golf Club Community Center
      • 10/14 - 10/15/09: Scottsdale, Hampton Inn & Suites
      • 10/15 - 10/16/09: Tucson, Sheraton Four Points University

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