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We are pleased to offer Dan's presentations and published articles, available to download in pdf format.
  • How Good is Your Color? Fundamentals of Color Management

    printing united

    Come join us on our upcoming speaking session at Printing United!

    October 24, 2019 11:00 AM to 11:40 AM (Central Daylight Time)

    Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center 650 S Griffin St, Dallas, Texas, Room: C146

    Session Tracks:
    Apparel Decoration
    Color Management and Workflow
    Commercial Printing
    Digital Textile Printing
    Functional/Industrial Printing
    Graphics and Sign Printing
    In-Plant Printing
    Printed Packaging

    If you struggle with color coming out different than expected, then this workshop is for you. We'll delve into the basics of how color management works in a RIP, and why things can go awry. We will also touch on how lighting influences the way you perceive color and other factors that impact your perception of color. You will walk away having learned ways to express if color is good enough at your shop.

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  • Managing Customer Color Expectations: Tracking Printer Color Variance

    printing united

    Come join us on our upcoming speaking session at Printing United!

    October 23, 2019 3:00 PM to 3:40 PM (Central Daylight Time)

    Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center 650 S Griffin St, Dallas, Texas, Room: C146

    Session Tracks:
    Color Management and Workflow
    In-Plant Printing

    Do you have insight into the color variance happening on each of your printers? How close are two same make and model printers for color? Can I spread my job across both printers? On the last campaign, how close did we match the client's brand color? Did the job match the previous campaign shipped? We'll explore different methods and commercial products available to answer these questions.

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  • Matching Brand Colors, Spot Colors, and Customer Color Samples in Grand Format

    printing united

    Come join us on our upcoming speaking session at Printing United!

    October 23, 2019 10:00 AM to 10:40 AM (Central Daylight Time)

    Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center 650 S Griffin St, Dallas, Texas, Room: C146

    Session Tracks:
    In-Plant Printing

    We'll first define what constitutes a spot color and ways to create them that affect color downstream in the RIP. Preflight spot colors to check if you can have a successful color match before you print. Visually tune a color to a customer provided color sample. We'll touch upon emerging trends and platforms for managing brand colors.

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  • SGIA Color Management Boot Camp


    Register 45 days before the event and save $100!!!

    SGIA bootcamp

    Take your first step to become a Certified SGIA Digital Color Professional in this intensive 2 ½ days Boot Camp

    Taught by our experienced color instructor Dan Reid, you will learn how to linearize, profile, optimize and verify color on all of your output devices, using Onyxor Caldera RIP

    There are limited seats available, register today to secure your spot!


    Dan teaching boot camp
    Dan teaching bootcamp
    dan teaching bootcamp


    You'll learn:

    - Color management theory and universal concepts
    - North American print standards and specifications
    - How to choose a target to match
    - The process for matching your target
    - Requirements for establishing an accurate soft-proof on monitors
    - How to prepare art files properly
    - How to control both process and spot color using color management in RIP
    - Best practices and hands-on instruction for linearizing devices
    - Utilizing the G7 neutral gray calibration
    - Proven methods for creating ICC profiles (especially for ink savings)
    - Software for viewing ICC profile gamuts and quality control
    - Options for how you can verify that your color is accurate


    What's included:

    - $100 off early registration
    - Lunch provided each day
    - A link to take the online exam afterward
    - Submission fee for sending the control print (after passing exam)
    - Knowledge that will last a lifetime

  • Color Management Boot Camp: Phoenix Oct 24th-26th 2017

    Hurry! This is Your Last Chance to Sign Up for the Color Management Boot Camp!


    Join us in Phoenix on Oct. 24-26 2017!

    TOPIC: SGIA Certified Digital Color Professional
    DATE: Tuesday, October, 24th thru Thursday, October, 26th 2017
    PRESENTER: Dan Reid, Color Management Expert, RPimaging, INC. Jim Raffel and Ray Weiss along with certified digital color professional Shelby Sapusek.
    VENUE: Mutoh America’s training and demo facility, Phoenix AZ

    You Can Become An SGIA Certified Digital Color Professional!

    For the first time ever, attend the famed color management boot camp in sunny Phoenix! This workshop is led by certified SGIA digital color professional instructors Jim Raffel and Ray Weiss and certified digital color professional Shelby Sapusek.

    If you are:

    - Struggling with color control
    - Having difficulty getting approval from your customers
    - Wanting to produce better and more consistent color

    then this workshop is for you!

    ONLY $649!

    Step-by-Step to SGIA Digital Color Professional Certification
    1. Attend this SGIA Color Management Boot Camp.
    2. Take the online test ($49, plus 25 percent discount for SGIA members).
    3. Print the test image and submit it to SGIA – free until Jan. 1, 2018. After Jan. 1, 2018, cost will be $49, plus 25 percent discount for SGIA members.
    Questions? Email
  • Techkon Introduces the SpectroDens Premium

    SpectroDensSince the release of the original SpectroDens in 2007, the way we measure color has never been the same. When Techkon released this fast, accurate color measurement device for color quality control in all print environments, they introduced a wealth of abilities into the world of color measurement. Quality managers are able to quickly check color accuracy using Pass/Fail, and with Techkon’s unique Ink Check feature, that specifies specific ink density adjustments to bring color into customer specified tolerances, measurement has never been the same. This innovator in quality isn't giving up there, however. Techkon has once again surprised its customers with the release of the next generation of their famous product line, the SpectroDens Premium. Techkon is a global leader in the manufacturing of densitometers, spectrophotometers, and software solutions, and it comes as no surprise to hear they've once again stormed the market with a great revision of their already outstanding hardware.

    Designed With Productivity in Mind

    SpectroDens Premium
    The latest version of Techkon's famed hardware features some very exciting new features, such as a more compact design, improved ergonomics, wireless capabilities, and a high resolution color display. All of these new features come together to provide an easier, more pleasant experience to the operator. By utilizing a high resolution color display, the SpectroDens improves productivity by providing the operator with a visual representation of CIE L*a*b* values. The new wireless capabilities enable the operator to more easily take measurements without the need to be tethered to a computer. Another great feature of this sleek new product is the addition of tracking wheels on the bottom of the device. These wheels assist in shortening scan measurements of color control bars by keeping the device perfectly aligned with the bar. When coupled with the excellent service provided by Techkon, it's hard to find a reason not to upgrade.

    Industry Innovators


    Techkon is committed to customer satisfaction. The new generation SpectroDens shows just how much Techkon is committed to developing color measurement solutions to better serve all customers’ needs for quality, efficiency and accuracy. Every product that they produce is of the highest quality standards. With the introduction of the SpectroDens Premium, the Techkon family is becoming ever more influential in the way we measure the world around us. Other Techkon products include the SpectroJet, SpectroDrive, SpectroPlate, ES5000, and SpectroEdge. If you're interested in purchasing the SpectroDens Premium, or simply learning more about it, check out our product listing HERE.

  • AzPPA March Education Program - Predictable Color from Your Print Service Provider

    Frustrated by a different color representation on screen to prints from your print provider? Confused which Adobe Photoshop color setting to use or if you should send CMYK files?

    Dan Reid, president of RPimaging, is a teacher, color management consultant, writer, and artist. His company helps individuals and companies with color matching challenges in photography, printing, and proofing markets. Mr. Reid keeps on the forefront by serving as a beta test site, contributing editor for several trade publications, and on-site instruction for companies nationally.

    In a short 2 hours on March 7 you will leave confident setting up Adobe Photoshop color settings for communicating with print service providers and monitor calibration methods and options to implement the following day in your business. Noted color expert Dan Reid of RPimaging will guide you through the river of options that impact predicting color from print providers. Dan will go over sending RGB or CMYK files, ICC color space choices, and soft proofing in Adobe Photoshop. An in-depth discussion of monitor calibration; it's importance, limitations, options, and leading technologies makes this an information packed event you will not want to miss.

    Please see the AzPPA Website for more info on this exciting event!

  • 6 Colors Hit the Spot

    An article discussing the advantages of Hexachrome for print providers.

    Read More (PDF) | Originally Published October 2005 in American Printer

  • Hexachrome Print Process

    Primary Considerations for Implementing Hexachrome Printing, and A Look at Hexachrome Proofing Options.

    Read More (PDF) | Originally Published August 2005 in Digital Output

  • A Closer Look at Monitors, Calibration, and Profiling

    Key differences between ColorVision Spyder 2, GretagMacbeth Eye-One, Monaco Optix XR, and ColorEyes Display.

    Read More (PDF) | Originally Published May 2005 in Great Output

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