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    Monthly Archives: September 2016

    • tFlow SGIA 2016

      Connect all your systems from Web-to-print and RIPs to cutters with Tuccana tFLOW

      It’s common for many systems to not communicate in print production.

      You need a solution that unifies and is built on standards to grow and interface with future systems. You need a system that connects your front-end with the backend.

      You need Tucanna tFLOW


      • Connect your web-to-print solutions to tFLOW for automated creation of orders in tFLOW
      • Communicate with Caldera Nexio, Onyx Thrive and ProductionHouse, and Ergosoft RIPs for automated selection of printers, medias, and settings.
      • Send cut file information to Zund cutters directly.
      • Automates the production cycle, from creation to finish.

      Visit booth 2577 at SGIA Expo to learn more.

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