Alwan Releases PRINT Verifier X v2.5.0

Print VerifierAlwan's Print Verifier has been a long time favorite of quality control operators. RPImaging is happy to announce that Alwan has released a newer version of this useful software. Controlling and certifying print documents is now easier than ever before thanks to the new features available in this release of PRINT Verifier. Some of the new features include:

  • New assessment methods
  • New supported instruments
  • New imported file format
  • New functionality

New Assessment Methods

Alwan has introduced new assesssment methods to bring their software up to spec with industry standards. Thanks to the revisions made, all of the following is now possible:

  • G7® Gray Balance + CMYK Solids assessment
  • ISO 12647-2 + G7® Gray Balance (informative) assessment
  • ISO 12647-3 + G7® Gray Balance (informative) assessment

New Supported Instruments

i1 IsIs
X-Rite is a leader in color management hardware, and one of the wisest moves that Alwan made with the release of it's new software is the addition of support for more X-Rite instruments. With the latest version of PRINT Verifier, you can now use these devices with your software:

New Imported File Format

The new version of PRINT Verifier now has support for a new file format. With this update, you can now import X-Rite CxF3 file format (Color Exchange Format 3.0). This new file format support greatly increases productivity by eliminating downtime due to file format conversions.

New Functionality

If the other new benefits weren't enough to sell you on this software, the functionality incorporated in this version is guaranteed to make you want to upgrade. Some of the many perks of this new software include the following:

  • Import of custom control strips with CBL format (from X-Rite IntelliTrax software)
  • Substrate Corrected Color Aims (SCCA)
  • Support of measurement files containing one or more spot colors.

General Improvements

On top of the wealth of added features, Alwan has taken this opportunity to make improvements to their already existing functionality as follows:
G7 Logo

  • New G7® Targeted reports containing NPDC, w∆L and F criteria
  • New default Alwan_M_i1P_4C_MT_1R_246.5_G7_v2.0 control strip
  • New default P2P25 chart
  • Imported control strip can be deleted now
  • Minor bug and UI fixes


With all of the new features incorporated in the latest release of PRINT Verifier, it's easy to see how this software could greatly improve your workflow. RPImaging welcomes the introduction of PRINT Verifier X v2.5.0, and we feel this software is guaranteed to make an impact on the market.

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