New version of Switch 10 announced

Enfocus is all about automating with confidence.

Switch gives publishing professionals more time to focus on creative and value-adding tasks, without hassle of repetitive tasks.

What's new in Switch 10?

To automate with confidence, Switch includes:

  • A new workload visualizer to continually track whether network loads, file volumes and other critical performance parameters remain within workable limits.
  • Updated Switch engine guarantees optimized processing.

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Switch Enhanced security

  • Support for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • Business continuity through a SwitchProxy module

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Time and money saving features

Integration is made easier through a specific Database Connector Module*.

Automatically use relevant information from other business software such as MIS and ERP systems when integrating.

* available from Switch 10, update 1

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Improved customer service

  • Customers enjoy an easy and customized interface when submitting files.
  • Enhancements to SwitchClient

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Switch 10 will be released in Q2 2011.

For information on pricing contact your preferred reseller or have a look at

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