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  • Introducing Barbieri's New Spectropad

    SpectropadSpectropad in use
    BARBIERI is proud to announce the world’s first portable spectrophotometer for professional digital printing. This professional measurement device is built to measure a variety of different media used in professional digital printing including large and wide format printing. Thanks to its independence from a computer it can also be used directly on the printer. The integrated touch display facilitates interaction with the device and gives immediate feedback about the measurement results. It is the ideal tool for all digital print professionals for use away from the desk.

    Spectropad is the new portable measurement device for all professionals within digital printing including large and wide format printing. Thanks to its large measurement aperture it is able to accurately measure a wide range of different, reflective media. Banner, cardboard, textiles, canvas, PVC, Fine Art Paper, vinyl and Paper are just a few of them.

    This new wireless, battery powered spectrophotometer can be operated without a computer and therefore directly at the printer, even without cutting the media. Jobs can be stored in the device and measurement results (if requested) sent through WiFi to the computer.

    The Spectropad is the first measurement device with Barbieri “qb-technology” inside. This new technology is based on D50 illumination and contains the next generation of highest precision spectral core. The D50 illumination used is based on LED technology by Just Normlicht. It fully matches the new measurement condition M1 introduced with the ISO standard 13655-2009. Thanks to the Barbieri “qb-technology” most precision measurement results will be reached.

    The touch display makes the operation and job selection a breeze – no matter whether measuring a control bar, a linearization or profiling chart or just a simple spot color. The measurement results will immediately be displayed or sent to the computer for further processing.

    With this portable measurement device BARBIERI targets all professionals in digital printing, color management consultants as well as technicians for printer installation. It finally allows using the well-known BARBIERI measurement quality away from the desk or at the customer site.

  • G7 Process Control & Conformance Program Launched

    IDEAlliance® announced the G7® Process Control & Conformance Program (G7®PCC) as an extension of the G7® Master Program. This groundbreaking qualification program is designed to build on the momentum of the IDEAlliance G7® Master Program, which to-date has qualified more than 860 companies worldwide. The G7®PCC program provides the next level of learning, productivity tools and techniques necessary for creative, premedia and print professionals to drive efficiencies in day-to-day operations. In addition, the G7®PCC program is serving as a foundational tool to prepare for the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Printing Standards Audit (PSAsm) Certification Program, launching June 2011.

    The G7®PCC program is designed in module format to serve the total media supply chain, including brand owners, creative agencies and print providers. The program consists of a mixture of on-site training, assessment and compliance analysis. Upon successful completion of the G7®PCC program, the participating site will receive a certificate of qualification and a comprehensive binder of user documents and reference material. The program will also include continued assessment of conformance over time. The training program, delivered by IDEAlliance G7®PCC Certified Experts, fully complies with the latest print specifications and industry standards. Modules for printers will include process control fundamentals, trending, and methods of adapting G7 for non-standard print conditions. Modules for brand owners and creatives will focus on specifying, measuring and communicating color for those buying and designing for print.

    President and CEO of IDEAlliance, David Steinhardt, remarked, "Industry leaders such as IDEAlliance and RIT are the logical authorities to bring forth a qualification and certification program that supports standards and ensures an impartial program that both educates and audits.” Joe Fazzi, Vice President, Media Production Technologies for IDEAlliance stated, “Brand owners, agencies and print providers are eager for a process control and conformance program that manages expectations across the supply chain."

    In addition to benefiting service providers, the G7®PCC program will benefit manufacturers seeking to improve the standardization of their production processes, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. Manufacturers will also benefit from expanded recognition for their tools supporting the compliance of industry standards.

    The G7®PCC program is designed to fully prepare facilities intending to apply for PSAsm Certification. The RIT PSAsm Certification Program is a rigorous, objective process for assessing a printer’s ability to operate a standards compliant workflow. By attaining PSAsm Certification, printers can objectively demonstrate that they have mastered the use of standards in the workflows they operate. Contact Ken Posman at or 585.475.7429 for information on PSAsm Certification

    The IDEAlliance G7®PCC program launches June 30, 2011, with G7®PCC Expert training programs to be announced at that time.

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