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    Monthly Archives: April 2010

    • BARBIERI'S New Spectro LFP Series 3

      BARBIERI electronic launch the 3rd generation of their well-known Spectro LFP.

      The Spectro LFP RT, the leading spectrophotometer for color measurements in digital large format, flatbed and industrial printing again got several improvements and is now available as a Series 3 edition.
      Accurate measurements of transparent and reflective media, thick and heavy media, big measuring aperture and fully automatic measurements: these are the special characteristics which until now kept the Spectro LFP unique worldwide. All these features also the Series 3 device does combine.
      Versatility, user friendliness and new application fields where the keywords for implementing the improvements of the Spectro LFP Series 3. The main improvements are:

      • Switchable measuring aperture of 8, 6 and 2mm
      • Polarization filter for 8, 6 and 2mm aperture
      • Electrostatic sample holder

      Read more about the new BARBIERI Spectro LFP on Barbieri's website.

      RPimaging is proud to offer the new BARBIERI Spectro LFP, available now! Click here to see our Barbieri Spectro LFP III.

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