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  • UV,ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Light (UV)

    Light energy not normally visible to the human eye, but which is present in natural daylight. UV energy has the ability to excite certain substances (dyes/pigments/chemicals) within a sample causing them to emit light in the visible spectrum, usually in the blue region. These substances are used in various products to brighten colors, particularly whites. It is necessary to include correct amounts of UV energy in a color matching system to allow for optimum simulations of natural daylight.

  • F2,CWF,Cool White Fluorescent

    Color White Fluorescent, 4100K, (CWF)

    CWF Illuminant

    A wide band single phosphor fluorescent source commonly used in commercial lighting applications in North America. It is characterized by emitting high amounts of green energy, with a color temperature of approximately 4100K. It has a CRI or approximately 62.

  • D75,7500K

    Daylight 7504 K (D75) "North Sky Daylight"

    D75 Illuminant

    A bluish colored light source originally used for grading cotton and other evaluation applications. It has been replaced by D65 as the standard source for these applications. It accentuates blue and subdues green and red. It is derived from the light coming in a north facing window in the northern hemisphere at noon at various times throughout the year.

  • RPimaging, INC Becomes Authorized Reseller for Caldera RIPs

    RPimaging, INC has completed certification training for the french RIP company Caldera. Caldera RIP is an industrial RIP targeted for the grand format and wide format printing market. Caldera RIP is a UNIX based RIP application that runs on either Mac (with X11) or PC by installing Linux. A complete Linux operating system is included with the purchase of the RIP.

    Some key features of the Caldera RIP are extreme processing by leveraging UNIX backbone, simple graphical interface, simplified color calibration of media, scaleable for large shops with multiple printing devices and cutters.

    RPimaging, INC provides onsite setup and color calibration of all imaging devices. We also uniquely offer G7 calibration instruction for the Caldera RIP not available elsewhere.

    Contact us for further information on Caldera RIP training

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