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    Monthly Archives: March 2006

    • GRACoL 7 and G7 Process Implementation

      GRACoL 7 builds upon traditional density metrics to match visual contrast by also including spectrophotometeric measurements to refine print neutrality. We help you quickly integrate GRACoL 7 or the G7 process at your business in a matter of days. Our training method isn't a radical departure from your traditional density measurements; your press operators will easily incorporate the new G7 calibration techniques.
      Learn how G7 can impact your business.

    • New Articles and Presentation Added!

      We have been busy updating and restructuring our popular Articles and Presentations section.

      • Print 05: Hexachrome presentation
      • Flexographic Technical Association: Proofing: The Future and Road to Get There
      • GATF Color Management Conference: Color Science 101, Calibration and Profiling Monitors
      • Digital Output Magazine: Hexachrome Print Process
      • American Printer Magazine: 6 Colors Hit the Spot

      As always, all of our articles and presentations are available free.

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