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Barbieri SpectroPad Series 2

(C300B00)  2895

The Barbieri Spectropad Serieis II is a hand-held measurement tool for printing professionals. Its large measurement aperture is capable of accurately calculating a large range of different, reflective media. Banners, cardboard, textiles, canvas, PVC, vinyl and paper are just the beginning of them.

Barbieri Spectropad Serieis II DOC compares measurement with a stored reference. If measurement is within tolerance to reference without computer, directly on the format printer, without cutting out charts.

RPimaging has long offered Barbieri products because of their unique solutions for large and grand format printers. RPimaging offers tips to get the best results from years of experience with Barbieri products. As experts in color management and G7 we provide guidance with RIPs including Caldera, EFI, GMG, and Onyx.

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