X-Rite PlateQuality 2.0 Software

    X-Rite PlateQuality 2.0 Software

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    X-Rite PlateQuality 2.0 Software is designed specifically for the iCPlate2 plate reader, PlateQuality software stores, visualizes, and documents both individual measurements as well as plate characteristic curve measurements. This gives operators a visual dot reference to save for later reference.


    X-Rite PlateQuality 2.0 Software

    PlateQuality software is included with PlateScope and is optional for iCPlate2 models.


    • Automatic storage of measurement values and images in a database to document and trace all measurements
    • Contains job, customer, reference and measurement value database, to classify and order the data. This helps to find and trace measurement data quickly and easy
    • All types of control wedges are supported, as the reference curves with the tolerance specification are customizable
    • Beside the measurement data, plate images can also be compared for a detailed quality analysis
    • All associated and relevant data, as plate type, screening, plate setter, chemistry data and more can be stored for a traceable documentation
    • For offline measurements, reference curves can be transferred to the iCPlate2 XT and the data of a whole curve measurement can be transferred to the PlateQuality software. This makes it possible to make measurements without direct connection to the PC (Not available with iCPlate2 X)
    • Measurement data and images can be exported for a more in-depth analysis
    • Measurement data and images can be printed in multiple layouts for documentation
    • Full high resolution images can be uploaded for detailed plate analysis. These images can be used for offline analysis by service centers

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