X-Rite NetProfiler 3

    X-Rite NetProfiler 3

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    X-Rite NetProfiler 3 lets you maintain the accuracy and consistency of measuring devices with a system that allows you to automatically test, measure, and profile your instruments over the internet. Using sophisticated software and certified physical standards, the system takes just minutes to produce performance statistics on every instrument within a network.

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    X-Rite NetProfiler 3

    NetProfiler3 calibrates all your SpectroEye or Exact devicess to a virtual standard using a combination of software and certified printed color standards. The physical standards are measured and compared to an established virtual standard via the Internet and a profile is generated.

    NetProfiler 3 takes just minutes to run and allows you to automatically test, measure, profile and generate comprehensive performance statistics on every SpectroEye or Exact within your network, thus also helping you maintain ISO compliance.

    NetProfiler enables the accurate and faithful exchange of spectral color data, in applications like color formulation, color quality control and spot color reproduction where color tolerances are tight and there is little room for error.

    NetProfiler3 includes sophisticated remote diagnostic tools, which can be configured to run on a regular basis. This preventive maintenance process can detect uncertainties and potential problems in the quality control process, which may eliminate the need for a service call. When connected to the Internet, NetProfiler2 acts as a sentinel, constantly monitoring all your instruments. Unlimited report access shows you the performance and history of every instrument in your global color management network.

    NetProfiler Advantages:

    • Profile Accuracy - Maintain instrument quality, uptime, and reliability throughout an entire network
    • Diagnostic Reliability - Sophisticated remote diagnostic tools are available to run on a regular basis for preventive maintenance
    • Communication - Accurately communicate between instruments
    • Real Time Full-Time Monitoring - Constant monitoring of all instruments and unlimited report access provides early detection of potential problems
    • Certification Support - Instruments are certified to meet network performance specifications, including printed certification documents
    • Expandability - Instruments are easily added to the system
    • Easily Integrated - Maintain production processes without interruption for service or certification
    NetProfiler Licensing Includes:
    • NetProfiler 3 Client Software
    • NetProfiler Calibration Card (ceramic plaque and a set of Munsell color standards)
    • 12 months or 26 uses use of NetProfiler for a single instrument. (license must be renewed after 12 months a new Calibration Card will be provided)
    • Access to Telephone Help Desk

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