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X-Rite i1Publish Software




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The X-rite i1Publish is a stand alone color management suite. However, when combined with an i1iSis, it provides the highest functionality and productivity for creating custom profiles. i1Profiler software offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to address the needs of digital imaging workflows.



X-Rite i1 Publish Header

Professional Color Management for Imaging and Prepress

Don’t Compromise on Color!

The i1Publish is designed for photographers, designers and prepress professionals who rely on accurate color throughout their digital workflow – from cameras, monitors and projectors to RGB and CMYK+ printers. Get the most color accurate displays, prints and proofs, with repeatable results every time.

X-rite's i1 Publish is the next generation color profiling solution that delivers an entirely new, flexible user defined experience to generate unrivaled color quality. Accommodating a broad range of proficiencies and expertise, i1Publish provides complete power and control to create the highest quality ICC profiles.

X-rite i1 Publish allows users to quickly and easily create custom profiles for cameras, monitors, digital projectors, and RGB, CMYK and CMYK+4 printers, ensuring color accuracy from capture to output. With the i1Profiler software users can choose between a ‘basic’, wizard-driven interface, or an ‘advanced’ user-driven interface to create high quality, precise, custom color profiles.


X-Rite i1Profiler Screenshot
X-Rite i1Profiler Screenshot
X-Rite i1Profiler Screenshot
  • Achieve true colors on each of your LCD, CRT and laptop monitors*
  • Perfect printed colors every time (RGB, CMYK, CMYK + any four)*
  • Intelligent iterative profiling technology for best quality results
  • Advanced controls for black generation and separations
  • Optimize profiles based on any combination of colors extracted from images, PANTONE libraries or captured spot colors
  • Keep color correct over time and between runs by using the linearization feature to bring your printer back to it's profiled state*
  • Capture ambient light to adapt output profile for the lighting conditions of final viewing environment*
  • Choose standard test charts or build your own for custom color and paper size requirements
  • Quickly check color output quality with ColorChecker Proof visual assessment target
  • Correct for OBAs (optical brightening agents) in paper with Optical Brightener Correction (OBC) technology (when combined with i1iSis automated chart reader)
  • High quality projector profiles to accurately project your work on the big screen*
  • Profile digital cameras with the introductory ColorChecker Camera Calibration system
  • Capture spot colors off virtually any surface - ideal for creative design or corporate brand requirements*
  • Keep your PANTONE libraries up-to-date, accurate and ready to use in Adobe® and Quark® creative applications with the included PANTONE Color Manager
*requires measurement device – i1Pro not included in i1Publish solution

Unrivaled Color Quality

Designed to deliver the highest color quality, i1Profiler incorporates X-Rite’s i1Prism engine, unique iterative profiling technology. This smart technology tightly dials into the user’s specific printer and paper combination so professional photographers can experience the highest quality color results.

New User Interface with built in flexibility at all levels

With an all-new user interface, i1Profiler offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to address the needs of a photographer’s workflow. i1Profiler seamlessly combines the ease of use of the wizard driven interface found in the basic mode, and the flexibility of the menu driven user interface found in the advanced mode. Whether a novice, expert or somewhere in between, i1Profiler easily adapts to any skill level and workflow needs, while maintaining the ability to produce outstanding profile quality results.

New Workflow Exchange

i1Profiler provides you with the ability to save and reuse assets or preferred settings with drag and drop functionality - you can create future profiles or share those profile creation workflows with others quickly, easily, and efficiently – without having to start from scratch. This exchange functionality also allows you to share palette information and other color data using X-Rite’s Color Exchange Format (CxF) for the most comprehensive data exchange.

A New Level of Quality Assurance

i1Profiler is designed to give photographers high confidence in their results thanks to the visual and measurement-based quality assurance validation and verification functions that include QA tools for soft proofing, and ColorChecker Proof reference data for visual color assessment.

Included Complimentary Tools

X-Rite i1 ColorChecker Proof

ColorChecker Proof

To help users perform a visual color evaluation of their results using physical standards, i1Publish includes the ColorChecker Proof, a 24-patch ColorChecker Classic target precut for direct viewing against a printed target. When used in proper lighting conditions, this offers immediate visual verification of profile output results.

If needed, the photographer can utilize i1Publish Pro’s unique capabilities to effectively perform adjustments such as profile optimization or rebuild the profile taking into account a specific ambient light measurement.

X-Rite i1 ColorChecker Photo

ColorChecker Camera Calibration System

With the introductory ColorChecker Classic mini target and ColorChecker Passport Camera Calibration software, you’ll quickly and easily build custom camera profiles for Adobe® Imaging solutions including Lightroom®, Photoshop®, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Adobe Bridge.

This advanced profiling technology, which has become widely adopted in Raw workflows, provides excellent results with just the small 24-patch ColorChecker Classic target. It produces custom camera profiles that work exceptionally well, even in unusual or artificial light sources. Plus, software auto-detection will locate the target automatically. Whether shooting with just one camera or multiple cameras, photographers can easily establish an accurate color foundation and maintain control of their colors.

X-Rite i1 PANTONE Color Manager

PANTONE Color Manager

i1Publish includes the PANTONE Color Manager color palette creation and swatch bridging software. Commercial photographers will especially appreciate this functionality when shooting products or corporate brand identities that demand a specified color match.



Variant 1
List price $1,315.00
Product Actual Weight No
Physical Size (H x D x W) No
Computer OS Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), Win XP (32 bit), Win XP (64 bit), Win Vista (32 bit), Win Vista (64 bit)
Warranty Limited Manufacturer Warranty
ICC Version No
Automated No
Color System Spectral, LAB, XYZ Color Model
CTP Plates No
Density No
Measurement Aperture Size 4.5 mm
Measurement Time No
Pantone Library Included PANTONE Matching System
Print Surface Paper
Uses Monitor and Printer, Digital Projectors
Max CMYK Printer Profiling Patches No
CMYK Printer Profiling No
Monitor Profiling Tending Reports, Verification, Auto Calibration of Eizo LCDs, L* (visual) Calibration, Use Light Source as Target White Point, LCD Native White Point Option, User Selectable White Points, Designate Target LCD Contrast Ratio, Designate Target White Point Luminance, Designate Target Black Point Luminance, Adjustable Gamma Setting, Optimized Gray Balance
Max Multi-Color Printer Profiling Patches No
Profiling Choices Monitor Profiling, Scanner Profiling, Digital Camera Profiling, Digital Projector Profiling, RGB Printer Profiling, CMYK Printer Profiling, Edit ICC Profiles
Max RGB Printer Profiling Patches No
Supported Color Measurement Devices No
Supported Color Measurement Devices via ColorPort Software No


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