X-Rite Color iQC

    X-Rite Color iQC

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    Ensuring accurate, consistent color across a global supply chain can be challenging. With Color iQC as an integral part of the color workflow, specifiers and suppliers alike can be assured that color quality is consistent in the laboratory, pre-production and production. Whether you are approving production samples or finished goods, Color iQC adapts to your workflow to make controlling color fast, easy and accurate. Color iQC is easily configurable to meet specific industry and quality control requirements.

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    X-Rite Color iQC


    Color iQC is available in a variety of configurations to meet most, if not all, industrial, print and packaging color quality control needs, including:

    Color iQC Basic

    An upgradeable entry-level color quality control solution ideal for color quality control and management in less complex environments.

    Color iQC Management

    A management and analysis configuration that has all of the functionality of Color iQC Professional but does not provide spectrophotometer support.

    Color iQC Print

    A job-oriented process control solution designed to meet evolving color measurement and management requirements in the print and packaging industries, incorporating the latest digital workflow technologies and standards for a complete color quality control solution.

    Color iQC Professional

    a high-end, job-oriented, template-drive quality control solution containing the industry’s most complete set of quality control features, streamlining color measurement, reporting and recording to maintain a centralized, cost-efficient process.


    • Job-based solution leveraging portable jobs that contain color data and all criteria necessary for color management decisions, enabling all stakeholders to see data consistently across the color workflow.
    • Define templates to establish common processes or materials, including pre-defined standards, tolerances, settings and displays to ensure operational consistency.
    • Ability to define instrument calibration and measurement modes to ensure data integrity and accurate, correct measurement practices.
    • Use the remote output feature to tailor and format any color data in order to seamlessly share consistent information with color partners.
    • Centralized control and management of functionality and data with the ability to move from quality control to quality assurance, analyzing performance, identifying leading indicators and adjusting processes as necessary.

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