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    Voglesong COLORef

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    The Voglesong COLORef is a durable, uniform, stable CRM, which offers the same characteristics of the BCRA Ceramic Tile Set, but at much lower cost and more convenient size.


    Why COLORef®?

    With the widespread use of spectrophotometers in the graphic arts, and the exchange of colorimetric and spectral data, it is more important than ever to validate the performance of your spectrophotometers.

    The new PDF standard, under development by the GWG (Ghent Working Group, http://www.gwg.org) allows full spectral data tags to be added to PDF meta-data. That’s great for specifying critical colors, such as logo colors, that are reproduced using offset, flexo, gravure, inkjet and digital presses, but how do you know the data is accurate?

    What is the Vogelsong COLORef®?

    The Voglesong COLORef®, is a CRM (Color Reference Material) compliant with ISO 15790-2004. It is a durable, uniform, stable CRM, which offers the same characteristics of the BCRA Ceramic Tile Set, as a calibration standard, but at much lower cost, smaller, and more convenient size.

    The beauty of the Voglesong COLORef® is that it provides a NIST-traceable, durable CRM, which can be read by scanning, strip-reading and hand-held spectrophotometers, affording a single solution to gauge the performance of all the instruments in your laboratory.

    What is included?
    • The COLORef Device
    • CD with Data
    • Device Holder with Data
    • Reference Guide

    Who is Bill Voglesong?

    Bill Voglesong was a Metrologist Extraordinair with undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics, and graduate degree in Spectroscopy. Bill Voglesong was well equipped to pursue a career in the Color Technology Division of Eastman Kodak Company, where he established and led the Physical Standards and Measurements Laboratory. Under Bill’s direction, the Lab became a pioneer in the development of computerized measurement equipment.

    Upon his retirement, Bill established a standards laboratory, PSI Associates, which undertook certification of color standards and reference materials, notably the T-Ref, for GCA (Now Idealliance). Bill was also on the faculty of RIT, teaching color theory and processes. Bill served on many standards committees, for ANSI, NAPM, ISO, CGATS, among others, and participated in the quest for a “perfect, White” Reference Material.

    While serving as the QC auditor for Colortron, a spectrophotometer developed by Lucid, Inc., Bill joined Lucid as a consultant in Color Metrology, while maintaining his standards business. Bill was the metrology consultant on the staff, along with optical and materials engineers, which developed the Voglesong COLORef®. Upon Bill’s death, in 1999, Bill’s endeavors were undertaken by his esteemed colleague, Robert Hutchison. With Bill’s inspiration, Hutchison founded In T’Hutch Ltd., to carry on Voglesong’s work in standards and color metrology.

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