Ugra/Fogra Metamerism Card

    Ugra/Fogra Metamerism Card

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    The Ugra Metamerism Card is for the control of the correct illumination for digital proofs and prints.

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    Ugra Metamerism Card

    The colors of modern digital proofs depend very strong on the light source used (metamerism). It is therefore important that they are always assessed under a standard light of D50 A near white light source used in the evaluation of graphic arts and imaging applications. Also used as reference illuminant for color matching in LAB color space.

    It has similar amounts of red, green, and blue energy. It neither accentuates nor subdues color, a prime requirement when viewing press sheets and proofs since a wide range of colors can exist in an image.
    (5000 K). If a light source with an incorrect color temperature is used, the colors of the proof shift and an assessment is meaningless. With the Ugra light indicator it can be easily detected whether the light source corresponds to standard illumination and whether an assessment is valid.

    If a standard color temperature of 5000 K is used, the patches of the Ugra light indicator appear in the same green color. If the color temperature differs from 5000 K, the patches of the Ugra light indicator show different colors.

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