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Ugra/Fogra Digital Print Control Strip, Version 1.6




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Ugra/Fogra Digital Print Control Strip - Control of the Color Guidance for Offset Printing Machines



Ugra/Fogra Digital Print Control Strip, Version 1.6

In the course of the increasing digitalization of the prepress stages the trend tends towards making full-page films, drawn essentially from digital databases in laser exposure units. The film as a data storage means is often skipped and the printing plates illustrated directly (computer to plate). To secure the printing – according to BVD/Fogra standards – also for production ways in which print control strips on films have no meaning, such PostScript-defined digital print control strips (in short Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6) are ideal. Their modular structure offers indeed the greatest possible flexibility. Modules 1 and 2 of the Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6 are presented below.

Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6 is available in digital form only. It is supplied on a diskette with four files. Horizontally as well as a vertically arranged control strip are available for modules 1 and 2. 

The Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6 modules suit diverse operating systems, i. e. DOS, Windows, Apple OS and UNIX; they can be imported in various user programs and carried along over diverse working steps.

  • Digital pagination software
  • Layout and page design software

Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6 has been conceived primarily for the quality control of printing during the proofing and production stages. It is an advantage to use Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6 also in press proof and/or off-press proof printing. It suits the following output devices and raster image processors (RIPs) for quality control:

  • Color copiers and proofing systems such as Canon, Xerox, ….
  • PostScript printers such as Heidelberg Quickmaster, XEIKON, INDIGO, …
  • Imagers, film an plate setters (CtP)

For the output of Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6 on the plate setter, the correct exposure of the control patches on the plate needs to be previously checked, with the Ugra/Fogra Digital Plate Control Wedge V2.2 so as to allow the subsequent quality assessment of the printing.

Function Modul 1

Module 1 contains the process color solids, i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow and black as well as three overprintings with two separated colors each and a three-color superimposed print. These patches help to control the ink acceptance and the three-color superimposed printing. Each color name is indicated above the patches with a character in the corresponding separated color. Besides the overprinting of the separate colors module 1 contains a patch with a 300 % dot area of separate colors cyan, magenta, yellow and a white dot area in a black frame. At the beginning of module 1, there is a patch designed IND (indicator patch). It informs the user of the Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6 whether the output device in use (digital proofer, film or platesetter) is in compliance with the BVD/Fogra standard the patch shows horizontal lines in one half and vertical lines in the other half, we can assume that the standard requirements are met with. This patch should appear without lines, the Ugra/Fogra EPS-PCS V1.6 user ought to check first the conformity with the standard requirements (screen 60/cm circular dot) on the midtone patches of module 2.

Function Modul 2

Module 2 is composed of balance, solid, D and halftone patches with 40 and 80% tone values.

For the balance patch, grey conditions related to the film output on cyan with 75 %, magenta with 62 % and yellow with 60 % have been defined. A halftone patch with 80 % tone value is fed in black for comparison.

The solids, in the order of sequence black, cyan, magenta and yellow, are repeated every 4, 8 cm. The first black solid next to the balance patch contains a yellow overprinting in the four corners. This helps to determine whether yellow is indeed the last down color.

3 D patches of merely 4 mm width and 6 mm height each contain line screens with 0°, 90° and 45° angles. The screen ruling is determined individually according to the setting of the output device, the resolving capacity and the computing accuracy of the RIP. For all the angles, the tone value is 50 %.

40 % and 80 % patches with a screen frequencies of 60/cm (150 lines/inch) are defined in the halftone patches. They are labeled with the corresponding process colors.

What's new on Ugra/Fogra Digital Print Control Strip, version 1.6

It has been completely programmed new and consists of two modules, oriented both horizontal and vertical. Thus, the Ugra/Fogra Digital Print Control Strip version 1.6 can also be used in imposition programs which do not allow rotating, cutting and registering marks.

The new indicator patch (IND) in module 1 shows whether the page has been exposed in conformance with BVD/Fogra, i.e. circular dot, 60/cm screen or the page has been exposed with the parameters selected by the exposure unit.

Patch «zero» in module 1 allows measuring the paper whiteness with a colorimeter and zero to the densitometer.

The modules are more compact as smaller characters have been used. Furthermore, the text elements are attached to each other, allowing the input of long user names. The preview of the modules shown in the layout program is accurate to the point that the same module can be positioned accurately several times side by side and measured with a scanning densitometer or a colorimeter. In addition to that it is possible to expose precisely defined sections of the strip.

In the former version the slur/doubling patches depended on the screening of the exposure unit. The new version always shows them as rule patches–independently of the adjustments of the exposure unit.


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