PIA/GATF RHEM Light Indicator

    PIA/GATF RHEM Light Indicator

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    RHEM Light Indicator is a device for the visual control of color viewing. When attached to the border of a color proof or transparency, the Light Indicator will signal whether the viewer is judging color accuracy with or without a 5000K standard light source.


    RHEM Light Indicator

    The PIA/GATF RHEM Light Indicator is a tool for the visual control of color viewing. This adhesive patch can be attached to the border of color proofs, copy, reproductions, or the press sheet. The Light Indicator uses metamerism to “change color” and alert the viewer if the light source is not 5000°K, the graphic arts lighting standard.

    Under a 5000°K standard light source, stripes do not appear. Stripes appear when the RHEM Light Indicator is viewed under nonstandard light sources, such as incandescentIlluminant A (2865K) is a common household light bulb that is yellowish red in color. and fluorescent light (see simulation).

    RHEM Light Indicators are sold in books of 50 stickers. Each sticker measures 2.0 x 0.75 inches (51 x 19 mm).

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