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PIA/GATF Thumb Twist Test Form




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The PIA/GATF Thumb Twist Test Form was designed to help printers identify UV/hybrid ink curing issues and understand how a change in ink film thickness influences drying. This test form is designed with three zones, each to be printed at a different density level. The range of ink densities across the sheet will allow the printer to evaluate the curing lamps on the press by examining the differences in ink film.



Thumb Twist Test Form

To determine if the ink has been cured, simply twist your thumb 90° on one of the squares with moderate force. If ink appears on your thumb, that particular square is not cured. Gloss back, a common issue with UV Ultraviolet Light (UV) – Light energy not normally visible to the human eye, but which is present in natural daylight. UV energy has the ability to excite certain substances (dyes/pigments/chemicals) within a sample causing them to emit light in the visible spectrum, usually in the blue region. These substances are used in various products to brighten colors, particularly whites. It is necessary to include correct amounts of UV energy in a color matching system to allow for optimum simulations of natural daylight.. printing, is typically caused by wet inks under a dry coating that are unable to quickly dry. By ensuring that the curing lamps dry the ink sufficiently before coating, gloss back will be eliminated. The Thumb Twist Test Form measures 19 x 25 inches.


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