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PIA/GATF RHEM Light Indicator




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RHEM Light Indicator is a device for the visual control of color viewing. When attached to the border of a color proof or transparency, the Light Indicator will signal whether the viewer is judging color accuracy with or without a 5000K standard light source.



RHEM Light Indicator

The PIA/GATF RHEM Light Indicator is a tool for the visual control of color viewing. This adhesive patch can be attached to the border of color proofs, copy, reproductions, or the press sheet. The Light Indicator uses metamerism to “change color” and alert the viewer if the light source is not 5000°K, the graphic arts lighting standard.

Under a 5000°K standard light source, stripes do not appear. Stripes appear when the RHEM Light Indicator is viewed under nonstandard light sources, such as incandescent”Illuminant Illuminant A (2865K) is a common household light bulb that is yellowish red in color. and fluorescent light (see simulation).

RHEM Light Indicators are sold in books of 50 stickers. Each sticker measures 2.0 x 0.75 inches (51 x 19 mm).


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List price $70.00
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Questions on PIA/GATF RHEM Light Indicator
What is the lifespan of the RHEM Light Indicators?
The pigments used in RHEM Light Indicators will fade with exposure to UV light. Florescent light fixtures have some UV light as does sunlight. RHEM Light Indicators exposed to fluorescent light in a light booth will degrade over time dependent on the exposure duration. Replacing RHEM light indicators every six months is good practice. RHEM Light Indicator in the closed booklet kept in a (dark) drawer should have little color change over time, though the adhesive on the back may dry out. If kept out of direct light the stickers should be fine for a couple of years.
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From Josiah H. at 8/10/10 1:50 PM

Are there RHEM Light Indicators that measure 6500K and other standards aside from 5000K?
We are not aware of 6500K RHEM indicator strips being available. Only D50 RHEM indicators stickers are available.
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From Josiah at 8/10/10 1:51 PM

How often should the labels be replaced. We had a customer audit a couple of weeks ago. If I understood them correctly, we should put the label in our light booth to verify the lights are correct and in good working order. Do these colors fade rapidly, or are they designed to last for a certain period of time?
The Rhem light indicator stickers SHOULD NOT be kept under constant illumination in a light booth. The stickers will fade quickly under constant illumination. The Rhem light indicator stickers should be used for quick visual check. The stickers will fade proportional to duration and intensity of the viewing light. Generally speaking the stickers should be replaced every 18 months but this is not a hard and fast rule.
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From Dave at 3/25/11 11:10 AM

Are the RHEM Light indicators sensitive to CRI? For example will light source with low CRI be indicated as inaccurate 5000K?
Hi Johnny, This product does indicate CRI tolerances nor relate to CRI in any way. The RHEM light indicator is a quick visual assessment if the light is close to D50 reference illuminant. Thank you for your inquiry.
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From Johnny at 1/10/12 12:14 AM

Can you tell me if this product is compliant with ISO 3664 2000 standards.
Hi Dean, The RHEM indicators are designed for a quick visual indicator if a light source is D50. ISO 3664:2000 specifies many aspects for the quality of light and viewing conditions. The RHEM light indicators do not test all of the factors outlined in the ISO specification. Thanks for your question.
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From Dean at 2/21/12 6:16 AM

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