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Altona Test Suite 2.0 Application Kit




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The Altona Test Suite - Application Kit is a comprehensive test suite that consists of a set of PDF files specifically designed for testing digital output devices; in particular, proofing solutions, conventional, and digital printing systems. Purchase includes Full Version 2013 + Update 2016.



Altona Test Suite - Application Kit

The Altona Test Suite - Application Kit can be used to visually evaluate and check PDF/X-3 compliance and color accuracy for all software and hardware modules used in a composite PDF workflow for print production. Sample images of correct output and typical errors help to identify wrongly adjusted system settings or product limitations. Additionally, the Altona Test Suite is well suited to test editorial publishing systems.

Altona Test Suite 2.0 (2013)

  • Altona Measure
  • Contains test elements for setting up and checking output systems such as proofers or conventional or digital printing systems based on colorimetric and densitometric measurements. The file is a common PSF 1.3 file so that its use is not limited to a single printing condition. The Altona Measure image is 17.37 x 12.53 inches.
  • Altona Visual
  • Focuses on visual testing of PDF/X-3 applicability and color management accuracy on a proofing system. This PDF/X-3 file is comprised of not only CMYK and spot color elements, but it also contains several device independent color components such as CIELAB and ICC based RGB. The Altona Visual image is 17.37 x 12.53 inches.
  • Altona Technical
  • Addresses overprinting and font formats from a more technical perspective than Altona Visual. It contains 864 carefully structured patches for a thorough evaluation of whether a PostScript RIP is able to correctly deal with overprinting. In addition, this file contains text that is coded in all relevant font formats. The Altona Technical image is 11.73 x 16.53 inches.
  • 10 DIN-A3 reference prints of each 6 Test Suite files for sheetfed offset and heatset web offset (AM screening: Fogra39 matte and glossy, Fogra40, Fogra45, Fogra47; FM screening: Fogra43, Fogra44)
  • Characterization data, ICC profiles, ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strips 2012
  • Documentation (English/German, 180 pages)

Altona Test Suite 2.0 Update (2016)

  • PDF/X-4 reference files (Measure, Visual, roman16-1/2/3/4) offset printing only
  • DIN-A3 reference prints of each 6 Test Suite files for sheetfed offset and heatset web offset (AM screening: Fogra51, Fogra52)
  • Characterization data and Media Wedge subsets, ICC profiles, DeviceLink-Profils, ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strips 2015
  • Documentation (English/German, 16 pages)

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 16 numbered reference prints (size 297 x 420 mm) in 4 envelopes
  • 7 color specimens (process color solid) (size 190 x 260 mm) in 1 envelope
  • 15 Altona Test Suite data files on CD-ROM
  • 6 Characterization data on CD-ROM
  • 6 ICC Profiles on CD-ROM
  • Documentation (PDF) on CD-ROM
  • Documentation 132 pages DIN A4, 4-color-print, English and German
  • All parts of Application Kit in black coverbox 245 x 325 x 25 mm


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