Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers

    Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers

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    The Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers make it easy to determine if your viewing conditions are right for evaluating color accurately. Each page contains 40 stickers. Sold as individual pages.

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    Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers

    The quality of light has a crucial impact on color appearance; making a color decision under improper lighting could lead to costly and time-consuming mistakes. Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers tell you at a glance whether your ambient lighting conditions are giving you the most accurate visual read of your color.

    Stickers for two lighting ranges are available:
    D50 A near white light source used in the evaluation of graphic arts and imaging applications. Also used as reference illuminant for color matching in LAB color space.

    It has similar amounts of red, green, and blue energy. It neither accentuates nor subdues color, a prime requirement when viewing press sheets and proofs since a wide range of colors can exist in an image.
    - the recommended illumination for graphic design
    D65 A light bluish colored light source used in color matching applications of paints, plastics,textiles, raw inks, and other manufactured products. D65 appears more neutral in balance to the eye even though the spectral graph does not correlate. D65 accentuates blue and subdues green and red.

    D65 is the only daylight source that was actually measured. The other daylight sources were mathematically derived from these measurements. D65 is derived from the average of measurements made of light coming in a north facing window in the northern (European) hemisphere on an overcast day at various times through the day throughout the year.

    D65 is also the reference illuminant used in sRGB and Adobe RGB (1998) color spaces. HDTV and SMPTE-C (SDTV) also use D65 as the reference white point.
    - the preferred lighting color temperature for many design and production applications


    Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers have two light-sensitive patches. These patches react based upon the lighting temperatures. Under proper lighting these patches will appear identical. The further your light source is from the proper range, the more the patches will contrast each other.

    Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers have a peel-off adhesive back that lets them attach to and travel with your color proofs. This ensures that everyone in your production chain will make accurate color decisions.




    • Inexpensive alternative to light booth
    • Ensures lighting is acceptable for accurate color evaluation, specification, and matching
    • Avoid costly and time-consuming color evaluation mistakes

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