Just Normlicht Daylight 6500 proIndustry 48in - 36 watt

    Just Normlicht Daylight 6500 proIndustry 48in - 36 watt

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    Just Normlicht Daylight 6500 Kelvin proIndustry - The light source for the prepress area. According to the new ISO 3668:2014 this light source is also mandatory for the press area and throughout the whole digital workflow.
    48in 36 watt bulb

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    Just Normlicht Daylight 6500 proIndustry

    In order to establish optimum conditions for critical color evaluation throughout the complete digital workflow (the designer's color monitor workplace, the proofer in the prepress area, and the final print-out in the pressroom) it is necessary to create identical standardized lighting conditions.

    Just Normlicht's Daylight 6500 proIndustry fluorescent tubes provide standardized lighting that fully meets the requirements of ISO 3668:2014. These lamps have a higher UV Ultraviolet Light (UV) – Light energy not normally visible to the human eye, but which is present in natural daylight. UV energy has the ability to excite certain substances (dyes/pigments/chemicals) within a sample causing them to emit light in the visible spectrum, usually in the blue region. These substances are used in various products to brighten colors, particularly whites. It is necessary to include correct amounts of UV energy in a color matching system to allow for optimum simulations of natural daylight.. component than preceding Just Normlicht lamp models. In combination with their very high color rendering index, proIndustry replacement lamps come closer to natural daylight than ever before. They create ideal viewing conditions for visual matching of a wide variety of materials such as paints, texts, decors and colored coatings.

    Relamping Daylight 6500 proIndustry

    After approximately 2500 hours of service, fluorescent tubes diminish their color temperature. In order to provide consistently accurate and reliable viewing conditions, Just Normlicht recommends relamping before 2500 hours.

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