Just Normlicht Challenge 5000 6B

    Just Normlicht Challenge 5000 6B

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    Just Normlicht's Challenge 5000 6B viewing booth is for visual color matching in 40 x 55 inch sizes. Asymmetrical proof lighting is provided by four 58 watt, special fluorescent tubes.

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    Just Normlicht Challenge 5000 6B

    The Challenge 5000 6B is a floor standing proof station for the presentation and visual control of layouts, proofs, and press sheets for advertising agencies, publishers, and prepress studios. Its asymmetrical lighting ensures a glare and shadow-free work surface and rear wall. Available with optional sidewalls for ambient light control. Designed for printing size 6B (40" x 55"), but also available in the smaller 3B size.



    • Asymmetrical proof light
    • Four 58 watt, special fluorescent tubes
    • Glare and shadow free
    • Standardized lighting (ISO 3664 / ANSI PH 2.30)
    • Optional sidewalls for ambient light control

    Additional Information

    Variant 1
    List price $4,990.00
    Type of Light Booth Floor Standing
    Proofing Type Hard Copy Proofing
    Number of Light Sources 1 Light Source
    Viewing Area (H x W x D) 55" x 40"
    Product Actual Weight 400
    Physical Size (H x D x W) 90.5" x 56" x 62.25"
    Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor