GTI VLS-2 GLE Luminaire Stand

    GTI VLS-2 GLE Luminaire Stand

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    Double Height Stand - can be combined with single or multi-source GLE Luminaire

    For shorter formats, the VLS-1 Stand offers a single luminaire system


    GTI VLS-2 GLE Luminaire Stand

    GTI is pleased to introduce the VLS-2 Stand - a unique Graphiclite lighting system that is ideal for vertical viewing and digital capture of large colored samples and artwork. The system combines a high-powered GLE light fixture with a rolling, height adjustable vertical stand that can be locked in position to illuminate a vertical surface. Two of these systems provide superb light evenness over large surfaces. The VLS-2 Stand offers a dual luminaire system to deliver 8’ - 10’ of vertical wall illumination.

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