GTI PDV Replacement Bulb Kits

    GTI PDV Replacement Bulb Kits

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    Locate the GTI Replacement Bulb Kit model number for your PDV (Professional Desktop Viewer) from the table below. If you cannot find your Replacement Bulb Kit or need assistance please contact us at 866-RGB-CMYK.

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    See table below to locate your GTI Replacement Bulb Kit.

    PDV Models Relamp Kit Model Pricing
    PDV-1e L211 $66.00
    PDV-2e L215 $66.00
    PDV-2eTR L315 $94.00
    PDV-2ex L315 $94.00
    PDV-3e L217 $66.00
    PDV-3eTR L317 $94.00
    PDV-3ex L317 $94.00
    PDV-2e/D L215 $66.00
    PDV-2e/Dx L315 $94.00
    PDV-2eTR/D L315 $94.00
    PDV-3e/D L217 $66.00
    PDV-2e/Dx L317 $94.00
    PDV-3eTR/D L317 $94.00
    PDV-2020e L317 $94.00
    PDV-2020ex L417 $122.00
    PDV-2020e/D L317 $94.00
    PDV-2020e/Dx L417 $122.00

    Additional Information

    Variant N/A
    List price $68.00
    Product Actual Weight 3lbs
    Physical Size (H x D x W) No
    Computer OS No
    Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor
    ICC Version No
    Size (inches) 28, 36, 48, 60