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GTI MiniMatcher-1e D50 Replacement Bulbs




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The GTI Replacement Bulb Kit, model number L4MM-1e/50, for the MiniMatcher-1e includes all of the D50 replacement bulbs for your MiniMatcher Color Viewing booth.



GTI L4MM-1e/50 Replacement Bulb Kit

GTI Graphiclite D50 D50 illuminantA near white light source used in the evaluation of graphic arts and imaging applications. Also used as reference illuminant for color matching in LAB color space.

It has similar amounts of red, green, and blue energy. It neither accentuates nor subdues color, a prime requirement when viewing press sheets and proofs since a wide range of colors can exist in an image.
and CMlite D65 D65 IlluminantA light bluish colored light source used in color matching applications of paints, plastics,textiles, raw inks, and other manufactured products. D65 appears more neutral in balance to the eye even though the spectral graph does not correlate. D65 accentuates blue and subdues green and red.

D65 is the only daylight source that was actually measured. The other daylight sources were mathematically derived from these measurements. D65 is derived from the average of measurements made of light coming in a north facing window in the northern (European) hemisphere on an overcast day at various times through the day throughout the year.

D65 is also the reference illuminant used in sRGB and Adobe RGB (1998) color spaces. HDTV and SMPTE-C (SDTV) also use D65 as the reference white point.
fluorescent lamps are custom made to rigid specifications for optimum standards compliance and re-creation of CIE illuminants. The precise spectral characteristics and lumen output are subject to an exhaustive quality control process to assure that each lamp provides true full-spectrum, color balanced illumination and extremely accurate color rendition.

Replacement Bulb Kit Includes:


Variant 1
List price $133.00
Product Actual Weight 30lbs
Physical Size (H x D x W) No
Computer OS No
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor
ICC Version No
Size (inches) 24


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