Enfocus Connect2Switch Automation

    Enfocus Connect2Switch Automation

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    Connect2Switch Automation Package bundle includes:


    Enfocus Connect2Switch Automation Package



    Enfocus Connect Send 13

    Using Connect SEND, customers can deliver files to any service provider without the normal email and telephone support required to ensure settings and delivery credentials are correct. Everything is pre-configured for customers to upload files automatically by dragging and dropping their files onto a branded Connector sitting on customers’ Windows or Mac desktops. Connect SEND securely and automatically delivers PDFs, images, native layout files or any other file type by FTP/sFTP, HTTP, Email, or directly into an Enfocus Switch automated workflow. Electronic job tickets can be defined so that relevant customer and job information is delivered along with the files.




    Switch Core Engine

    Switch 13 Core Engine is required to operate these individual modules.


    Configurator Module

    Automate your workflow for third party application using Switch Configurator. Complete the following tasks with ease:

    1. Merge, control and automate third-party applications in a single workflow automation system
    2. Choose third party applications to suit your needs
    3. Integrate third party applications using anyone of these features: Hotfolders, Command Line Interface and Switch Scripting Module


    Metadata Module

    Enhance your workflow intelligence by using the Switch Metadata Module, which is metadata management tool. You can carry out the following tasks with easy and finesse:

    • Use XML, JDF or XMP job tickets from your database
    • Job ticket information can be picked from a job entry front-end
    • Never lose touch with your clients, as you can accumulate and share information both with operator and customers


    Proxy Module

    Switch Proxy module enables you to transfer file with added security of an extra security layer.  Leverage network security and business continuity, thereby enabling clients to deliver data to your server in times of network outrage as well. The extra security layer creates a buffer between your system and your clients, thereby maintaining workflow automation. The other advantages of Switch Proxy include:

    • Resides in the Demilitarized Zone of the network, and runs on its own platform.
    • Intranet and Internet are separated to ensures network security and business continuity
    • Customers will always be able to upload files even during server maintenance and updates
    • After maintenance is done the customers cached files will automatically be forwarded to your workflow
    • No direct access from customers to Switch Production System provides extra security for the website
    • Files are cached before being transferred to Switch


    SwitchClient Module

    Submit jobs and data, interact, route jobs and connect remotely with 5 SwitchClients simultaneously using Switch Client, eliminating the task of tracking your jobs or interacting with the workflow.


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