Enfocus Connect All 13

    Enfocus Connect All 13

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    Connect ALL is meant for organizations that want to distribute Connectors to internal or external users.

    Connect ALL includes all the functionality for branding Connectors, Job Tickets, PDF creation, PDF preflight, file delivery and updating Connectors remotely.

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    Enfocus Connect All 13

    Enfocus Connect ALL enables print service providers to facilitate hassle-free job delivery from outside clients, with a solution for creating and guaranteeing high-quality PDF's before they leave the designer’s workstation. Enfocus Connect ALL ensures that all files you receive comply with your specifications and can be transferred directly into your workflow. It enables you to set up an unlimited numbers of applets called Connectors, which can be supplied to any of your customers. Everything related to the PDF file’s creation and quality control is based on your own specifications, and files can only be delivered to you.


    Features of Enfocus Connect

    Primary Use Primary Distributed Distributed
    Automated creation, preflight and correction of PDF files  
    Electronic Job Ticket
    Remote file delivery
    Unlimited distribution of Connectors  
    Automatic updating of Connectors  


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    Automated creation, preflight and correction of PDF files

    Enfocus Connect is a tool that allows you to create small applications (called Connectors) that perform a variety of predefined tasks such as:

    • Create PDFs
    • Verify (preflight) PDFs
    • Correct common PDF problems
    • Collect and deliver Job Ticket information
    • Deliver any file type to a remote server

    Create high quality
    PDF files
    any application

    PDF quality control using
    built-in Enfocus PitStop preflight & correction engine

    Hassle-free job


    You could create one Connector to create and verify PDF files from InDesign, and another Connector that just delivers all file types to a specific FTP site. Or, you might create one Connector to deliver your newspaper ads to printer A, and another to deliver your magazine ads to printer B.


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    Electronic Job Ticket

    You can configure a Connector to ask for additional information, every time a file ("job") is submitted to the Connector. This information (called Metadata) is sent along with the processed job (in the background) as an XML, TXT, or CSV file (called Job Ticket). Metadata is often used to store administrative information associated with a job, and to exchange such information between systems.

    Examples of information commonly stored as metadata:

    • Customer info: name, address, contact information.
    • Job info: date, designer, creation date, etc.
    • All this information can be used through the production process, for example for cost calculation, tracking, archieving...


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    Remote file delivery

    You can configure a Connector to deliver files locally or remotely, i.e. upload them to (S)FTP, HTTP(S), email or an Enfocus Switch Submit point, Dropbox, ...

    • In case of local delivery, they are asked where to put the files, when the Connector is used for the first time.
    • In case of remote delivery, depending on the Connector properties, they may be asked for credentials, or informed in case of problems (as in the example below). In case of problems, they have to contact the supplier of the Connector; something may be wrong with the server details, or the file size limit (set by the supplier of the Connector) may be exceeded.


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    Unlimited distribution of Connectors

    There are many ways in which Connect ALL customers can distribute Connectors to their clients. Common ways are:

    • Posting “general use” Connectors for download on their web site
    • Distributing through current servers used by clients to exchange files, such as an FTP site or Drop Box
    • Placing on a USB drive and having the client sales representative take it to the client



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    Automatic updating of Connectors

    To ensure that all your customers are using the latest version of a Connector, you can use the Automatic Updating Mechanism available in Connect SEND and Connect ALL. This mechanism automatically uploads the latest version of your Connector to an update server of your choice (FTP, SFTP, HTTP or HTTPS) and compares it with the version used by your customers.


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