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    EIZO EasyPIX lets professionals in graphic design, CAD animation, and digital photography get predictable color from select EIZO FlexScan and FORIS monitors through hardware calibration. It can also be used by amateur SLR camera enthusiasts as a simple way to match colors between their monitors and photo prints.


    EIZO EasyPIX comes with four different modes.

    • Hardware calibration mode (for advanced users)
    • Matching mode for color matching between your prints and monitor (for beginners)
    • Photo Viewing Mode (for beginners)
    • Web viewing mode (for beginners)

    Hardware Calibration Mode (for Advanced Users)

    Select Calibration Values

    Select a gamut and input target values for brightness, color temperature, and gamma.

    Color parameters can be adjusted as follows:

    Brightness: 60 - 160 cd/m 2 in 10 cd/m 2 increments.
    Color temperature: 5,000 K - 6,500 K in 100 K increments.
    Gamut: Monitor native, Adobe RGB, or sRGB.
    Gamma: 1.8 to 2.4 in 0.2 increments.

    You can also select calibration presets for common tasks listed in the table below. This takes the guesswork out of assigning values for users with limited color management knowledge.

    Task Brightness Color Temperature Color Gamut Gamma
    See/Adjust Pictures 80 cd/m 2 5500 K Adobe RGB 2.2
    Browse Web 100 cd/m 2 6500 K sRGB 2.2
    Create Documents 80 cd/m 2 5500 K sRGB 2.2
    Watch/Edit Movies 120 cd/m 2 6500 K sRGB 2.2
    Calibration Results

    When calibration is finished, the results are displayed on the screen. You can name your profile in the "Adjustment Name" box.

    Fine Tuning and Readjusting (Recalibrating)

    If necessary, you can fine-tune the brightness and color manually by selecting "Finely Adjust."

    You can also set EasyPIX to remind you to recalibrate your monitor after a specified number of hours have elapsed (not shown) and then recalibrate your monitor to the same settings by selecting "Readjust."

    Matching Mode: Color Matching between Your Prints and Your Monitor (for Beginners)

    EasyPIX can also be used for simple color matching between your prints and monitor either through paper white measurement or through visual perception. Both are explained below.

    Color Matching Through Paper White Measurement

    Hold the EX1 sensor about 25 cm away from the paper you will use for printing.

    The white of the digital paper in the middle of your screen will change to match the white of your printing paper. If further adjustments to the white paper on the screen are required, you can tweak the monitor's color and brightness manually before calibrating.

    Color Matching through Visual Perception

    Adjust the color and brightness of your monitor to match the white of your printing paper.


    Whether you use the paper white measurement function or color match through visual perception, you calibrate the monitor with EIZO's EX1 sensor and create a profile.

    Color Matching Achieved

    Once you've created a profile for your monitor, you can share it with your retouching software. The color of your photo prints should match those displayed on your monitor.

    Photo Viewing and Web Viewing Modes (for Beginners)

    Two additional modes are also available. Photo Viewing Mode sets the monitor's color temperature to 5500 K, a common default setting at which many digital cameras take photos. It also lets you adjust the monitor's brightness.

    Web Viewing Mode is ideal for previewing how others will see your photos when shared online. Web Viewing mode's 6500 K default color temperature is the same as most web browsers. Or, adjust the brightness manually for greater control.

    Settings for Retouching Software?

    When color matching with ink jet printers, you can get better results in"Matching Mode" by applying the correct color management settings in your image retouching software.

    Manufacturer Software Win Mac Color Management Compatible Initial Setting
    Adobe Adobe Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5 X X X Color management active 2
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom X X X 1 Color management active 2
    Adobe Photoshop Elements X X X Color management active 2
    Nikon Nikon ViewNX X X X Color management active 2
    Canon ZoomBrowser EX X      
    ImageBrowser EX   X    
    Digital Photo Professional X X X User configured
    Olympus OLYMPUS Master 2 X X X  
    OLYMPUS Viewer 2 X X X  
    Pentax PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory X X X User configured
    PENTAX PHOTO Browser X X X Color management active 2
    Sony Image Data Lightbox SR X X    
    Image Data Converter SR Ver.2/Ver.3 X X X User configured
    Panasonic LUMIX Simple Viewer PHOTOfunSTUDIO X X    
    SILKYPIX Developer Studio 3.0SE X   X Color management active 2

    X = indicates compatibility

    Please configure your printer's driver to match the color space of the data you are printing.
    1 Depending on your usage environment, the printer's output and color may not match.
    2 Automatically references the monitor profile configured in the computer's operating system.


      Macintosh Windows
    Compatible Operating Systems OS X 10.4.11 and above 7, XP, Vista
    Additional Requirements Apple Macintosh system that fulfills Mac OS X requirements (16.7 million colors),one available USB 2.0 port 1GHz or faster Pentium processor, 128 MB of RAM, (16.7 million colors), one available USB 2.0 port
    Compatible Monitors FlexScan SX3031W, SX2762W, SX2761W, SX2462W, SX2461W, S2433W, S2432W, T2351W (Windows only), EV2333W (Windows only), SX2262W, S2243W, S2242W, S2233W, S2232W
    FORIS FS2331 (Windows only)
    Package Contents EIZO EasyPIX CD-ROM, EX1 color sensor
    Certifications and Standards CE, FCC-B, RoHS, WEEE

    This listing includes discontinued models.

    Monitors and printers are sold separately. Availability of compatible monitors varies by country and territory, please contact the nearest EIZO distributor for details. Final print color and quality may vary according to printer and its setting. Pigment-based ink printers are recommended for use with EIZO EasyPIX. For optimal results, EasyPIX should be used in conjunction with retouching software. Print to monitor comparisons should be performed in a well lit environment.

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