ColorMetrix Venus

    ColorMetrix Venus

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    ColorMetrix Venus is the premier software to unleash the true power of your spectrophotomer or densitometer.


    Introducing ColorMetrix Venus

    ColorMetrix has combined full versions of PrePress & PressRoom into a single product, Venus. This product replaces both ColorMextrix PrePress and PressRoom with support for scanning instruments.

    ColorMetrix Venus

    Major Features


    Dot Gain

    • L*a*b* & L*Ch (with spectrophotometer)
    • Density, Dot Area, & Dot Gain
    • Calculated (hue/greyness/print contrast)
    • Microsoft Access Database
    • Graph Wizard & Reporting
    • User Defined Customizable Color Bar Layout
    • Scanning Instrument Support
    • Test Targets in Multiple Formats
    • 1-Year Software Maintence & Technical Support
    • Trending Module

    The premiere print analysis tool

    Fingerprinting presses to find the “sweet spot” for each printing press is no longer a luxury for the largest and highest quality printers. Not only are customers requiring print consistency reports as a condition of remaining a vendor, but also the implementation of a color managed workflow requires an understanding of the print capabilities of your presses.

    ColorMetrix software will quantify how your press is printing today. By running a test form, mechanical and workflow print quality issues can be identified. In most cases the issues identified by the software will need to be addressed to optimize print quality for your set of set circumstances. For example, a proper curve can be built for your CTP device based upon your actual print condition, not an overall average provided by the manufacturer of the platesetter.

    Once the “sweet spot” of your press has been found, you will want to remain in the zone. ColorMetrix software is utilized to make regular measurement which can be evaluated individually with tools built into the ColorMetrix package. In addition the database can be queried using the Trending software described further down this page.

    The perfect proofing solution

    You just installed an ink jet proofing solution, and your customers (both internal, pressman; and external, print buyers) are not confident of proof quality and consistency.

    You have come to the right place we can solve your problem. The ColorMetrix solution can be used two ways at this point; to certify conformance to a pre-determined specification; or to confirm that your proofs match the print capabilities of your presses.

    First, a baseline(s) is created that becomes the yardstick by which all future proofs will be evaluated. From this point on the process is quite simple.

    1. Select the correct baseline.
    2. With one mouse click create space in the database for a new measurement.
    3. (optional) Enter a description of the measurement about to be made.
    4. Perform the measurement.
    5. With a single mouse click view or print a report like the one displayed here.

    That is all that is required for day-to-day proof-to-proof quality monitoring. All the measured data resides in a database which is quickly and easily queried using our Trending tool.

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