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ColorMetrix ProofPass




List Price: $995.00
Our Price: $995.00
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ColorMetrix ProofPass increases proofing productivity and profitability with hard copy proof certification and remote diagnostics of problem proofs.



ColorMetrix ProofPass

Increase Proofing Productivity and Profitability

  • Instant Pass/Fail Certification
  • Remote color diagnostics
  • Brand color management
  • Proof-to-Proof & Proof-to-Press comparison
  • Multiple test strip formats
  • Trend line analysis
  • User-defined reference analysis

Our customers have proven over ten years that utilization of our solutions for hard copy proof certification and remote diagnostics of problem proofs will result in increased productivity and profitability for any proofing operation.

The solution is an easily implemented three step process:

  • Step One: Confirm daily conformance with any industry guideline like SWOP or GRACoL or an internally developed standard.
  • Step Two: Measure every proof with our straightforward wizard based interface coupled with a scanning spectrophotometer for instant pass/fail verification.
  • Step Three: Use web based diagnostics to track and expose any minor printer or workflow problems before these problems become significant.

The incredible growth of remote hard copy ink jet proofing makes an even more vital piece of the complete proofing solution than ever before. The wizard based client software is utilized at each remote site to instantly confirm pass/fail status for local operators. Then, with all results stored on an internet based server and accessible from any web-browser color experts can resolve unexpected problems remotely and monitor data on a regular basis to proactively prevent most problems from ever occurring. Packages Standard
Cross Platform CLient Software (Mac OS X & Windows) X
Instant Pass Fail Certification X
Global Access to Data From any WeB Browser X
Trending Module X
L*a*b, L*C*h*, in All Angles & Observers X
Density in Status A,E,I,M, or T X
Dot Gain, Dot Area & Calculated (hue/greyness/print contrast) X
Data Stored in Industry Standards MySQL Database X
Graphical Reporting X
Multiple Test Targets Formats X
Scanning Instrument Support X
1-Year Software Maintenance & Technical Support X
90 minute WebEx Training X
Label Printer X
1 Client Seat Initial 12 Month Subscription $995.00 (PPC0100000)
5 Client Seat Initial 12 Month Subscription $3995.00 (PPC0500000)


Variant N/A
List price $995.00
Product Actual Weight No
Physical Size (H x D x W) No
Computer OS Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), Win XP (32 bit)
Warranty Limited Manufacturer Warranty
ICC Version No
Profiling Choices No
Max RGB Printer Profiling Patches No
Max CMYK Printer Profiling Patches No
Max Multi-Color Printer Profiling Patches No
Monitor Profiling No
CMYK Printer Profiling No
Supported Color Measurement Devices No
Supported Color Measurement Devices via ColorPort Software No


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