Bodoni pressSIGN v4.6 (Discontinued)

    Bodoni pressSIGN v4.6 (Discontinued)

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    pressSIGN makes it easy to run to all the international printing standards - ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-3, GRACol G7, SWOP.


    pressSIGN software measures and controls the printing process

    pressSIGN makes it easy to run to all the international printing standards - ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-3, GRACol G7, SWOP.

    Input any CMYK ICC profile and make the profile the press target, read the actual paper colour and adjust the profile. Export the new profile for use in pre-press

    • What's new in pressSIGN version 4
    • Measure and control 6 colour printing jobs
    • Pantone® Libraries included
    • Create spot colour libraries based on Lab values or measuring a swatch
    • All readings saved to multi-tasking database for access from Mac or PC
    • Read full width colour bar withpressSIGN extended ruler (available for B1, B2 or B3)
    • Register company details on pressSIGN OnLine - "find a printer page"
    • Upload measurement reports to pressSIGN OnLine
    • Import readings from spectral devices supported by X-Rite's Free Utility ColorPort
    • Email measurement reports directly from pressSIGN
    • Across the sheet consistency score to identify unstable press conditions
    • Trueflow and Heidelberg Prinnect added to supported RIP workflows

    pressSIGN is the most advanced tool for matching any printing standard. pressSIGN contains all relevant ISO 12647 printing standards. In addition press targets can be based on any CMYK ICC profile adapted to the paper white or a previously read press sheet for matching to non-standard printing conditions or customer press passes.

    pressSIGN standard edition uses the X-Rite Eye-One spectrophotometer as a measuring device.

    pressSIGN - Five easy steps to accurate colour

    • add the pressSIGN control strip to one of your jobs
    • read the control strip with your Eye-One and adjust the densities as recommended by pressSIGN
    • read the control strip when dry and update the dry back calculations
    • adjust the plate curve as recommended by pressSIGN
    • run the next job with the pressSIGN settings and you'll have consistently accurate colour

    pressSIGN main features

    • pressSIGN main window
    • uniquely predicts the correct density for each of the CMYK and/or 2 spot colour solids based on the press target selected
    • built-in Pantone® Libaries including Formula Guides Coated, Uncoated & Matte, Goe Coated & Uncoated, Plus Series Coated & Uncoated
    • export the data to adjust the plate curve to achieve the correct dot gain - most RIP workflows supported
    • built-in standards include ISO 12647-2, 12647-3, 12647-4, 12647-6, GRACol G7.
    • use any CMYK ICC profile as your press target.
    • measure the paper white and adjust ICC profile. Export the adjusted profile back to the pre-press workflow for use in proofing and program set-up.
    • measure wet or dry - pressSIGN compensates for the colour shift as the ink dries
    • measure the color bar across the whole width of the press sheet in seconds with the Eye-One (requires the Eye-One extended ruler)
    • generate a colour bar to match the press target you have selected
    • receive a detailed pdf report and/or label print output
    • traffic light scoring system with default settings fully user configurable
    • make individual readings anywhere on the press sheet for density, dot area, Lab, deltaE comparisons
    • create averaged dot gain curves from multiple readings. Allows two presses to be set up with the same plate queue
    • average readings from a job to get an overall score.
    • generate your own standards based on previous jobs or typing in your own values.
    • add a comment or instruction to any job or measurement.
    • search the database by job name, press, operator, client, score, standard, comment, date, time etc.
    • sort jobs by name, press, operator, client, score, standard, date.
    • register company details on pressSIGN OnLine
    • upload measurement reports to pressSIGN OnLine
    • email measurement reports directly from pressSIGN
    • across the sheet consistency score when reading full width colour bar with Eye-One and pressSIGN extended ruler
    • traffic light scoring system for quick and easy understanding of press sheet

    pressSIGN 4 predicts the correct density for CMYK and Spot Colours

    All international printing standards set target L*a*b* color values for the primaries (CMYK). pressSIGN converts these target colors into density settings that the press operator can use. See the pressSIGN main window above where pressSIGN tells the operator that for the best results the magenta density needs to be increased by 5% , the yellow density needs 2% more but the cyan and black are as close to the standard as that ink, paper and press combination will allow.

    pressSIGN predicts the best density setting for spot colours as well. Add 5th or 6th spot colour to the job by selecting any colour from the built-in Pantone® Libraries or create your own libraries by measuring a colour patch or typing in a Lab value. pressSIGN will show you how to adjust the spot colour density to get the best possible match to the target colour.

    Once pressSIGN has generated ideal target densities for this press sheet. These densities need to be applied across the width of the press sheet by the operator.

    For a more sophisticated report see pressSIGN-Pro which tells the operator how to adjust the density of every ink key across the press to meet the L*a*b* value targets.

    pressSIGN adjusts the plate curve

    To match the customer's proof or meet any ISO 12647 standard the dot gain on press must be controlled. pressSIGN reads the dot gain from the colour bar and generates an adjustment curve. This plate adjustment curve is then exported to the plate or imagesetter RIP. Average several readings to get a smooth curve. Import readings from another press to create average plate adjustment curve to apply to two or more presses.

    pressSIGN - full press width color bar

    Generate a color bar for the full width of the press sheet (see screen shot)) or as a single set of patches for placement on the press sheet. Use the full width color bar to replace your current color bar or use the single color bar.

    pressSIGN generates the color bar based on the press target you have chosen. For example, you may have selected an ICC profile as your press target but your customer wants to print on a different paper color. Read the new paper color with the Eye-One, re-calculate the grey balance, select the measure points for the tints and save the settings. Now generate a new color bar based on your customers needs.

    pressSIGN 4 compensates for dry-back

    Use pressSIGN both to evaluate the press sheets and adjust the press during the press run. Because pressSIGN compensates for any color shift that occurs as the ink dries, use pressSIGN to adjust the press-on-the-fly. Adjust the densities as suggested by pressSIGN and find the colours will dry back to hit the required targets. Each control strip reading takes only a few seconds and you have a objective measure of the colour, grey balance, trapping and overprint.

    pressSIGN OnLine

    All pressSIGN 4 users can register on the pressSIGN OnLine "Find a Printer" page. It is an opportunity for users to demonstrate that they have made a commitment to consistently accurate colour. Each entry gives Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email contact, web address and short company description.

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