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    Bodoni pressSIGN PrintBuyer v5




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    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer makes it easy to test a press sheet against any international printing standard - ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-3, GRACol G7, SWOP, or against a standard you create.



    Test the Color Accuracy of Every Print

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer makes it easy to test a press sheet against any international printing standard - ISO 12647-2, ISO 12647-3, GRACol G7, SWOP, or against a standard you create.

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer contains the PANTONE® Libraries so you test not only for compliance to international standard in four color process work but also the performance of 5 and 6 color printing.

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer works with the X-Rite Eye-One.

    Add the optional pressSIGN extended ruler and read a color bar to match the full width of the press sheet. Export the correct color bar to the printer based on the press standard you have chosen.

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer, the easy way to check the color accuracy of your print jobs

    • add the pressSIGN control strip to one of your jobs
    • read the control strip with your Eye-One to see how close the printing is to any one of the international print standards or a print standard that you have defined.

    More about pressSIGN-PrintBuyer

    • test for ISO 12647-2, 12647-3, GRACoL G7 & SWOP compatibility
    • multitasking, multi-user database, for storing and retrieving jobs and comparing different suppliers
    • traffic light scoring system
    • average readings from one or more jobs to get an overall score.
    • fully customizable scoring system and tolerances. Default tolerances based on ISO standards
    • import an ICC profile and make this the standard
    • measure the paper color and adjust the ICC profile, export the amended profile for use in pre-press and proofing
    • generate your own standards based on previous jobs or typing in your own values.

    What's new in Version 5 of pressSIGN-PrintBuyer?

    • Scores the measurement against the print target giving a color coded overall score making it easy to assess the print job or measurement.
    • Print targets - all international standards supported. Print targets fully customizable
    • Spot Colors - includes Pantone® libraries for measuring and controlling four color processes plus two spots, create custom spot libraries
    • Use pressSIGN OnLine to receive production reports from your printer

    pressSIGN OnLine

    Upload pressSIGN reports to pressSIGN OnLine. When registering and installing pressSIGN-PrintBuyer users are offered the option of appearing on pressSIGN OnLine. All pressSIGN OnLine users can upload reports for viewing by other members of the company or for clients.

    Clients just need to register at pressSIGN OnLine and send in their Account ID. The pressSIGN-PrintBuyer adds the ID to the client details and when the job is uploaded the customer can see only their own jobs.

    Export Functions

    Create your own standards and scoring scheme in pressSIGN-PrintBuyer and export the set up to a printer using pressSIGN. The printer will then know exactly how he is being judged by the print buyer. The print buyer determines what is an acceptable score and what are the most important criteria.

    Print Buyer's can also create their own spot color libraries and export these to a printer using pressSIGN v 4. If the job contains a PANTONE® color then you know that you are not relying on the printer having an old Pantone book. pressSIGN's

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer meets all your measurement needs

    • CIE L*a*b* values for CMYK & spot colors
    • Density values for CMYK & spot colors
    • Dot Gain (Tonal Value Increase - TVI) for CMYK & spot colors
    • Grey Balance
    • Overprint values
    • Ink Trapping
    • Paper Color

    Choose the correct standard

    Select different international printing standards according to the type of press, the type of paper and the appropriate dot gain curve. Make sure your job is printed according to your needs.

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer allows you to set your own standards.

    All international printing standards with the corresponding media types are built into pressSIGN-PrintBuyer

    • ISO 12647-2 for sheet & web offset
    • ISO 12647-3 for newsprint
    • ISO 12647-4 for gravure
    • ISO 12647-6 for flexography

    Setting your own standard based on measurements is easy. Just measure one or more sheets which can then be averaged or import data from another user or previous job(s) and save this as your new standard. Export this standard to your printer and he can then print to your exact settings.

    Use any CMYK ICC profile as the press target. Import the profile into pressSIGN-PrintBuyer. In addition you can test the substrate actually in use. Measure the media with the Eye-One and see how the profile changes. Use the amended profile as the new press target and export the new profile for use in pre-press and proofing.

    All standards and scoring can be exported to other users of pressSIGN.

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer Scoring System

    Scoring Tolerances

    pressSIGN uses a traffic light scoring system to make it easy to see at a glance how well a job has been printed. Green equals good through to red being a complete failure. The scoring system is fully customizable allowing the print buyer to determine what is an acceptable print quality. As all scoring and standards are exportable to a full version of pressSIGN it is easy for printers to see how their jobs will be judged.

    Measure the control strip in one sweep or individual patches

    pressSIGN full version gives printers a step by step guide to accurate printing

    The full version of pressSIGN enables printers to reach the required standard quickly and easily

    pressSIGN full reads spectral information from the sheet and suggests the correct density adjustment, making it easy for the printer to get to the right settings quickly.

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer shows you how close the primary colors are to the standard, but not how to adjust the density.

    Setting the right dot gain curve can be difficult. pressSIGN full version provides the tools to set the correct dot gain curve quickly and easily. pressSIGN-PrintBuyer shows you how close the print job is to the standard. For more details about the full version of pressSIGN go to our web page.

    Measure & compare dot gain for process and spot color

    Complete set of measurements in seconds

    pressSIGN-PrintBuyer works in conjunction with the X-Rite Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer and reads the pressSIGN control strip in seconds. Read the whole control strip with one swipe or measure the patches individually.

    When you have read the strip you'll receive an instant report on all aspects of the press sheet. The speed of operation makes it easy to read and check all your print jobs. You can output this report as a PDF or a simple label you can attach to the print job.

    You can make individual measurements from anywhere on the press sheet. You may want to compare values for consistency or even compare spot colors against a Pantone guide or a value you have taken from Adobe's Photoshop. You can test for Lab values, density values and dot area.

    Compare colors, density and CIELAB Delta E anywhere on the sheet

    pressSIGN turns the Eye-One into complete press measurement tool.

    Measure the Lab value, density and dot area and compare it with other readings either from the press sheet or your Pantone book, or the proof . Set pressSIGN to check the DeltaE or Dot Area of the CMYK primaries or compare the Lab values/Dot area of secondary colors or spot colors. You can even type in a Lab value, which you might have taken from Adobe PhotoShop, and compare this with the color on the press sheet.

    Select the standard or create your own height

    Import previous readings form one or more jobs. More accurately assess the print quality of a job by averaging several readings. Compare the performance of your printer over time, by looking back at previous readings and save average readings.

    Average the readings

    Sort the readings according any of the criteria measured. See the strengths and weaknesses of a print job in detail. Import or make several readings and sort the readings according to any of the measured criteria; accuracy of the primaries, TVI, grey balance etc.

    Create a standard based on one or more readings. This feature allows you to import one or more readings from a job that is satisfactory, make this a standard and export this standard to another printer for him to match.

    Create your own standard by keying in the values you require. Input the Lab values for the primaries, dot gain and other criteria based on your specific needs.


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    List price $620.00
    Product Actual Weight No
    Physical Size (H x D x W) No
    Computer OS Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Win XP (32 bit), Win XP (64 bit), Win Vista (32 bit), Win Vista (64 bit)
    Warranty Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    ICC Version No
    Profiling Choices No
    Max RGB Printer Profiling Patches No
    Max CMYK Printer Profiling Patches No
    Max Multi-Color Printer Profiling Patches No
    Monitor Profiling No
    CMYK Printer Profiling No
    Supported Color Measurement Devices No
    Supported Color Measurement Devices via ColorPort Software i1Pro, i1iO, i1iSis


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