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Color Management Doesn't Cost—It Saves

Print providers can be more profitable and efficient when color management is used effectively and becomes a regular part of their process. In this article, Dan Reid helps you turn your color management process from mysterious and unpredictable to efficient, reliable and profitable.

Read More (PDF) | Originally Published January 2004 in The Big Picture

Mac Attack for RIPs? Mac OS X Jaguar has Removed the Barriers

A review of Mac OS X (10.2) Jaguar RIPs available.

Read More (PDF) | Originally Published January 2004 in Digital Output

Quark CMS—How To Survive

Presentation on Quark XPress v4 - v6 CMS. Details on what works and what is broken in the color management options of the different Quark XPress versions v4 and higher.

Read More (PDF) | Originally Presented in 2004

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