Beta Industries Beta Video Rulers

    Beta Industries Beta Video Rulers

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    The Beta Video Ruler allows precise, non-contact measurements of large and small distances on Films, Plates, Dies, and Prints.

    Adds Data/Image Capture, Video Micrometer, CMYK / Spot Color Contrast/Image Enhancement to More Easily See, Capture and Record All Information

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    Beta Precision Video Rulers


    • Field of View .345 " x .220" (8.75mm x 5.5mm)
    • Resolution 0.001" (0.01mm)
    • Variable Illumination
    • Automatic Exposure
    • Image and Data Capture and Export

    Small features are measured directly on the monitor by dragging the cursor across them. Large distances are measured by marking the starting point with the auto-snap cursor on screen. The camera and scale encoder are then moved to the opposite end of object. The cursor is then moved to within auto-snap distance and the total length is calculated and displayed on screen. This high-precision length gauge makes it possible to easily and accurately measure distances between marks with no physical edge to engage a caliper or micrometer.

    The unique Video Color Separation system adds an extremely useful function when measurements are needed of process or spot color images, particularly when pastel colors or low-contrast images are involved. The process yellow image is nearly impossible to see against white paper even under magnification. Utilizing the adjustable separation system the color of interest is separated from the background and other interfering colors. It is converted to grayscale and displayed in real-time on the monitor while using the measuring functions. Offset, flexo, and screenprint registration marks are now easy to see and measure. Inkjet defects such as scatter, comets, and clumping are now easily imaged and measured.

    The accuracy of the ruler is dependent upon the range of the device as shown below:

    Range (Inch/MM)Tolerance (Inch)(MM)
    16 inch / 400 mm +/-0.002 +/-0.05
    24 inch / 600 mm +/-0.003 +/-0.08
    30 inch / 750 mm +/-0.004 +/-0.10
    40 inch / 1000 mm +/-0.005 +/-0.12
    60 inch / 1500 mm +/-0.006 +/-0.14
    80 inch / 2000 mm +/-0.008 +/-0.20

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