Beta Industries Beta Breye Braille Dot Analyzer A

    Beta Industries Beta Breye Braille Dot Analyzer A

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    Afordable, pocket sized, and easy to use. The BETA BREYE is a high quality non-contact Braille Dot Checker. High accuracy due to non-contact measurements before and after gluing.

    Braille Dot Analyzer Software included.


    Beta Breye Braille Dot Analyzer A

    The BREYE Braille Dot Analyzer delivers all necessary information you need during setup of your Braille Embosser or Braille printer in a visual, easy to understand manner. It also offers the possibility to control your production and automatically creates reports in PDF file.

    • A handheld device that can be applied on flat card board but also on finished folded boxes
    • A High End Tool for a reasonable price that fits also to the Procure Department’s budget
    • A simple to use tool that can be used by anybody and fits into the production environment but also into office environment.


    Control Your Running Job

    • Measuring a sample package on a regular schedule will lead to a documented quality control of the process
    • The BREYE Software supports the ISO EN 15823 recommendation
    • ISO EN 15823 recommends to control 3 dots on 3 different locations



    Check Braille Dot Quality Against a Reference

    The BREYE software implements a reference library for Braille Dots including:

    • Dot height – the most critical criteria for the readability of the Braille character
    • Dot base width – the sharpness of the dot is the second most critical criteria for the readability of the Braille character
    • Space between two dots inside a character – the least critical criteria for the readability of the dot



    The Beta Breye Braille Dot Analyzer Automatically Creates Quality Reports for You and Your Customers

    The “Quality Reports” are automatically saved and contain all information:

    • Time Stamp
    • Job ID
    • Reference
    • Statistics
    • Images
    • Single measurements
    • Green / yellow / orange / red Flag



    Create Statistics For the Entire Job

    Create a statistical report collecting all measured packages in one single document

    • Select a time frame
    • Select a Job Identification number or a group of Job ID‘s by wild cards
    • Click the statistics icon to draw graphs and calculate the statistics


    Additional Information

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    List price $4,900.00
    Product Actual Weight 25.00
    Physical Size (H x D x W) No
    Computer OS No
    Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor
    ICC Version No
    Print Surface No
    Uses No
    Color System No
    Pantone Library Included No
    Automated No
    Measurement Time No
    Measurement Aperture Size No
    Density Dot Gain, Dot Area
    CTP Plates No
    Scanning Mode Reflection