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Alwan CMYK Optimizer Press 3.8




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Alwan CMYK Optimizer Press allows a pre-press company or printer to automatically check, correct, and dynamically change the colors and/or ink weight characteristics, before sending them for film or plate output. Alwan Optimizer Press can be used with any four-color process (+ spots) regardless of output technology, so it is suitable for litho, flexo, gravure, digital, screen etc.




Alwan CMYK Optimizer Features

The first Preflight, Standardization and Optimization software for four color separation files.

It allows designs and prepress companies to quickly and accurately produce documents for problem-free printing. Printers gain the capability to control and improve the printability of files containing four color separations by optimizing the separation according to the actual process/press/paper.

Standardized files using CMYK Optimizer will generate reproducible proofs as well as plates and cylinders that allow optimum printability and runability on press.

CMYK Optimizer's "Preflight Check" mode preforms a detailed analysis of the CMYK separation of images and the contents of PDF documents (images, tints, fonts and vector graphics).

Any non-compliant element is detected and listed in a report that can be used internally or shared with clients. The following can be detected:

  • Excessive TAC
  • Black generation
  • Separations made with an incorrect ICC profile
  • Presence of an undesirable color spaces

In "Check and Optimize" mode, CMYK Optimizer corrects only elements that have non-compliant color space and/or separation.

The "Preserve Original Separations" option ensures that original separations and Black channel remain untouched.

Only areas with ecessive TAC that may cause printability problems are corrected without any impact on original colors.

CMYK Optimizer's "Optimize Always" mode allows you to adapt the separation of all the elements of a document to optimize their printing. All visuals in the same publication (editorial, ad 1, ad 2, etc...) will be color separated with the same profile and the same GCR which can be defined in line with your in-house standard or your printer's specifications.

With an appropriate color separation common to all pages, the risk of set-off and compromise on the press is eliminated, make-ready is greatly facilitated, and the match between print and calibrated proof is perfect.

Benefits of Alwan CMYK Optimizer PRESS

  • Optimize color separations for printing!
  • faster and easier make-ready
  • Improved printability and runability
  • elimination of set-off and warping due to excessive TAC
  • Significant reduction in wastage and ink consumption

Need to compare? No problem! Click here for a comparison between available Alwan CMYK Optimizer versions.


Variant N/A
List price $12,990.00
Product Actual Weight No
Physical Size (H x D x W) No
Computer OS Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)
Warranty Limited Manufacturer Warranty
ICC Version No
Profiling Choices CMYK Printer Profiling
Max RGB Printer Profiling Patches No
Max CMYK Printer Profiling Patches No
Max Multi-Color Printer Profiling Patches No
Monitor Profiling No
CMYK Printer Profiling No
Supported Color Measurement Devices No
Supported Color Measurement Devices via ColorPort Software No


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